New Delhi, Shani Gochar 2022: At the end of April, Saturn has left Capricorn and entered Aquarius. Due to this change of Saturn’s zodiac sign, half-sati and dhaiya of some zodiac signs have ended and in many zodiac signs, half-sati and dhaiya of Saturn have been imposed. According to astrological calculations, after about 30 years, Saturn has entered Aquarius on 29th April. This transit of Saturn will affect the life of the people of every zodiac. Where Saturn’s transit has brought good luck, wealth, opulence and lots of happiness in the lives of the zodiac signs. At the same time, it can bring difficulties and challenges in the life of some people. Know which zodiac signs will be affected more by Shani’s half-century and dhaiya.

Sade Sati has started on Pisces sign with the transit of Saturn. With this, the second phase of Sade Sati will start on Aquarius, due to which people of this zodiac are expected to get monetary benefits. On the other hand, the last phase of Sade Sati has started on Capricorn. At the same time, Dhaiya has started on Cancer and Scorpio.

Shani has changed his pace, for 47 days these three zodiac signs will get immense wealth

Saturn’s half-and-half and dhaiya started on these zodiac signs

Cancer zodiac sign

Saturn’s dhaiya has started in Cancer. Therefore, the transit of Saturn will not prove to be good for this zodiac. With the increase in mental unrest, there will be some kind of hindrance in the workplace. Differences can arise in the family over small things. Exercise complete restraint on your speech, otherwise some made-up talk may also get spoiled. The mind may remain a little disturbed from the side of the child. Health may deteriorate. So take good care of yourself.


Shani’s dhaiya has started on this zodiac. Due to this many problems can be faced in life. Can build land. There may be an atmosphere of discord in the family. Take care of mother’s health. Problems may increase in the workplace. Unnecessary expenses can increase, so spend money anywhere with a little thought. If you want to start a new business, then do it with a little thought. Before doing any work, you must know about it properly. The health of the people of this zodiac will be good.


The middle part of Shani’s half-and-half has started in this zodiac. Due to which you will have to face many struggles in life. There will be ruckus in the workplace. No work will be completed on time. For each and every task, you will have to work harder. Relations with higher officials may deteriorate. So keep restraint on your speech. Disputes may increase in married life. Along with this, mental stress can increase. All the work will be completed late, be patient. Take care of your father’s health. But there is full possibility of getting profit in the field of business. There will be opportunities to gain money.


The effect of Sade Sati has started on Pisces. There will be unnecessary running around in the workplace. There is a possibility of monetary gains, but there will be an excess of unnecessary expenses. Along with this, it will be difficult to save money. Anger can increase due to mental stress. Unnecessary money will be wasted in court cases. Drive the vehicle with caution as the natives of this zodiac can become a victim of an accident. Time will be normal for love affairs. You will also experience trouble in married life. You will get rid of old diseases but take care of your father’s health.

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