New Delhi, Jnn. Ramayan Fame Sita Aka Dipika Chikhlia Video: Ramanand Sagar’s famous religious show ‘Ramayana’ has made a special place in the hearts of the audience. Even today there is a lot of craze among the audience regarding this show. Along with the show, all its characters have their own special fan following. At the same time, Deepika Chikhaliya, who plays Sita in Ramayana, has become the most discussed among the audience these days. Along with acting, Deepika is also very active on social media. She often shares pictures and videos related to her personal and professional life with fans on Instagram. Fans shower love on every post of Deepika. Meanwhile, a video of Deepika is in discussion on social media. After watching this video, his fans are seen getting emotional. Watch the video here…

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The video of Sita i.e. Deepika Chikhaliya of ‘Ramayana’ going viral is not of today but from a few months ago. This video was posted by Deepika on social media in January. In the video you can see that Deepika is seen in a park. During this, he is wearing a normal lower T-shirt. At the same time, Deepika is seen cooking vegetables on the stove made with the help of three stones. You can see that while making the vegetable, she is blowing it in between to increase the fire. During this, while cooking food on the stove, Deepika is not looking uncomfortable at all.

While posting this video, Deepika Chikhaliya has written many hashtags like food, stove, potato. It is clear from all these hashtags that she is making potato curry on the stove. Fans liked this video of Deepika very much. While commenting on this, the fans praised his simplicity. Commenting on this, where many users described this whole scene as very beautiful. At the same time, some users are also surprised to see this and are asking what is happening. Also, many users remembered the days of Deepika’s exile in ‘Ramayana’.

Edited By: Priti Kushwaha