Seeing the son wrapped in the tricolour, the mother became unconscious, VIDEO: Wanted to be a para-commando since childhood, had joined 12 days ago

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Papa… I will be a brave soldier one day. After doing special training, I will go to the commando wing. I will rescue the sixes of the enemies. I will kill them by entering their houses. Saying this, 45-year-old Pancharam is shocked.

Giving himself courage in a moment, he says- My son (Dilip Aichra) became a soldier and today leaving us behind has gone so far that we cannot even meet him even if we want to. He is alive in our hearts and always will be. I am proud of my son.

Another Lal of Nagaur was martyred at the age of just 22. The name of this young man from Merta was Dilip Achra. He was a resident of Polas village.

When the body of the jawan reached the village on Friday, every eye became moist. Dilip Vishnoi stay immortal… Vande Mataram…, Bharat Mata ki Jai… Mother, sister, brother were getting helpless. The story of Dilip Aichra joining the army is very interesting. Hearing the stories of soldiers from his father, such a spark of patriotism arose that he died only after joining the army. Read .. the story of a village boy whose news of martyrdom made many villages cry.

Refer Delhi Army Hospital on 12 September
22-year-old soldier Dilip Achra was posted in the Army’s AHQ Pro Unit in Delhi. He was sent from Delhi to Agra on 4 September for special (para course) training. On September 10, at 2 pm, his health deteriorated while running during his routine exercise. He was sent to Agra Army Hospital, from where he was referred to Delhi Army Hospital on 12 September. Dileep’s treatment went on for 10 days. On Thursday, 22 September at 1.30 pm, Dileep’s breath stopped at the age of just 22. He lost the battle of life.

could not recover
Dilip remained in the army for 2 years 11 months and 21 days. They wanted him to be selected for Special Commando Operations. That’s why he wanted to train commandos. He also got a chance to train, but he fell unconscious during para course training. Father Pancharam told that he remained unconscious during treatment in Delhi. He regained consciousness only once. He also shook hands with his partner. Sorry… they couldn’t recover. His medical report has not been released yet.

Military officers offering flowers to the martyr.  At 10 am on Friday morning, when Dilip's body reached Polas village of Merta-Degana area of ​​ancestral village Nagaur, there was uproar.

Dilip Vishnoi’s last rites in his native village
At 10 am on Friday morning, when Dilip’s body reached Polas village of Merta-Degana area of ​​ancestral village Nagaur, there was uproar. His last journey was taken out with military honours. At 2 o’clock in the afternoon, near his house in Polas village, the last rites were performed by burial according to the customs of Vishnoi society.

Tears were not stopping from father’s eyes
When it was time for the son’s funeral, the family cried. There was a wave of mourning in the whole village. The young martyr Dilip Vishnoi of the village kept on raising slogans of immortal… Vande Mataram.., Bharat Mata ki Jai…

Father Pancharam is a supervisor on contract in Ordnance Depot Bikaner. He has been associated with the army on a temporary contract basis for about 12 years. Dileep had a dream of becoming a soldier since childhood. He used to hear stories of bravery of the army from his father. During his schooling, he had decided that he would join the army. His dream came true on 1 October 2019. Eventually he went to the Indian Army.

Seeing the body of her brother, younger sister Sangeeta wept bitterly.  She fainted while crying.  People from many villages were present.  There every eye was moist.

Dileep was posted to the Army’s AHQ PRO unit in Delhi. Dileep was fond of putting photos and reels on social media. There was a desire to do something for the country. He wanted to go on a special mission. For this the commandos wanted to train. He was also selected for para course training in Agra, but he could not complete it.

up to 12th class in ren
Dileep’s education took place in Ren near the village of Polas. In Ren, he studied up to class 12 from Adarsh ​​Educational Institute. Then he started preparing for the army. In 2019, he got selected in the army. Dileep was not married. The family consists of an elder brother Manish and a younger sister Sangeeta.

Dileep was also a favorite of friends because of his style.  He used to upload his photos on social media.

Father said – I am proud of my son
Dilip’s father Pancharam said- My son was taking special training to protect the country. There was a feeling of protection of the country in his veins. Saying this, Pancharam’s eyes filled with tears, his throat swelled. Having gathered courage, he said again – seeing me, my son had decided to join the army since childhood. Whenever I came home, he used to hear from me tales of bravery of soldiers.

Dilip was a person who lived for the country at heart.  This passion for the country had taken him to the army.  He wanted to become a commando.

Father said that Dilip used to say – Papa, I will become a brave soldier one day. My son even became a soldier and today leaving us behind has gone so far that we cannot even meet him even if we want to. He is alive in our hearts and will always be. I am proud of my son.

Seeing the mortal remains of his son draped in the tricolour, his father Pancharam could not hold back his tears.  Elder brother Manish, his sister, mother and aunt had fainted.

farewell with military honors
Former MLA from Degana Richpal Singh Mirdha, former Central Co-operative Chairman Mahendra Chaudhary, Merta DSP Madanlal Jeff, Chauliawas Sarpanch Jassaram Chaudhary, Ren Deputy Sarpanch Mohan Singh, Vyapar Mandal President Shyamsunder Beda, Ramswaroop Vishnoi of Wildlife Defense, Hetram of Kisan Morcha Vishnoi, Ps. A large number of people of the area including members Poonaram Bhadu, Manohar Vishnoi were present. During this, the soldiers of the battalion under the leadership of Captain Aman Saharan of the Third Sikh Light Infantry gave the last farewell to the jawan with military honors.

Dilip was the favorite of the whole village.  The youth of the village loved him very much.  While in the army, he wanted to become a para commando.  This dream also got fulfilled 12 days back.  When the time came for training, Dilip's health deteriorated while running.

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