Sehwag remembered that story of Sachin, when he was surprised to see him in the gym

SportsCricketSehwag remembered that story of Sachin, when he was surprised to see...
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Sehwag on Sachin Fitness: Former India opener Virender Sehwag recently shared an anecdote about Sachin Tendulkar’s commitment to fitness. He revealed that “the great cricketer will compete with Virat Kohli to stay in tune with the younger generation. Despite facing many injuries in his career, Tendulkar came back better and stronger than before.

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According to Sehwag, the credit for Tendulkar’s longevity can be given to his commitment to taking care of his body. Sehwag said that I watched Sachin very closely focusing on his fitness, so that he could keep himself at par with the younger players. He always thought of adding something new to his batting which kept him at par with the younger players.

Sachin’s fitness commitment is unmatched: Sehwag

Sehwag said on YouTube channel ‘Beer Biceps’- “Sachin used to do this because every year he used to think that what can I add in batting and become better. I should maintain my fitness in such a way that I can score 100 runs. Can turn into 200. He used to focus on fitness in the 2000s and when Kohli came into the team in 2008, Sachin could give competition to Kohli.

When Sehwag remembered the old story

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Recalling an old anecdote, Sehwag said- “Once we were in a gym and there were dumbbells ranging from 1 kg to 20 kg. We all had to get up and twist our wrists 10 times. I didn’t have the strength after doing 5-6 times, but Sachin returned 1 kg to 20 kg and then 20 kg to 1 kg without stopping. It was an exercise for him to lift his heavy bat.

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“We could not lift more than five kilos. Think this thing happened when he had scored 10-15000 runs and had scored about 70 centuries. Why did he need to do all this, but he knew that if he kept his body fit, he could play for a long time. He could play till the age of 40 because he was the fittest in our group.

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