Sensation spread due to death of father and two sons: Father hanging by strangulation to death of two sons

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Sensation spread due to the discovery of dead bodies of two innocent sons and their father in Dhwa village of Jhanwar area of ​​Jodhpur district. Father’s body was found hanging from the noose. While the bodies of both the sons were found lying on the cot. It is suspected that after strangling both the sons to death, the father hanged himself. The mother of two children had gone to the farm, when she returned, she came to know about this accident.

Jhanwar SHO Manoj Kumar said that when Ruparam’s wife returned from the farm in the Parihars of Dhwa, the bodies of ten-year-old Ramaram and eight-year-old Krishna were found lying on a cot as soon as they entered the house. Foam was coming out of both of their mouths. When she went inside, 42-year-old Ruparam was found hanging in the front room. Hearing his shouting, the people living nearby rushed to the spot. After investigation, the police sent the three bodies to AIIMS. Ruparam was associated with agriculture. He had only two sons. He had come home early yesterday from the field.

After preliminary investigation, the police estimate that Ruparam committed suicide after strangulating both the sons. Some marks have been found on the neck of both the sons. It is not yet clear why Rooparam gave his life by killing his sons. It is believed that he took such a step due to domestic discord. At present the police is investigating the matter.

Police say that the family members are not in a position to tell anything due to this accident. So far only this information has been received that there was some dispute going on in the house regarding some issue. Police is not in a position to give any concrete information about what this dispute was related to. Police say that once the post-mortem is done. Some information will come out from his report, then something can be told. At the same time, the relatives of the deceased present in the hospital are also shocked and they did not comment anything. One person only said that what is there to say now, everything is over.

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