Jagran Correspondent, Mirzapur: The new session in the council schools has started from April. In the current session also 50,508 new children have been enrolled so far through the School Chalo Rally. On the other hand, till now the availability of books operated for reading and reading in different classes has not been ensured for studies. However, old books are being provided for the safe reading of the children.

A total of 3,18,916 children from classes I to VIII are enrolled in the current session of about 1608 schools operating in the district. In the hands of these children, free books required for reading are now expected to reach by the month of August.

According to the departmental officers, the process of supplying necessary books for studies in schools is going on. Order has to be issued from the government for the district-wise prescribed firm. After this the work order will be issued by the concerned district to the firm. Only then will the supply of books be started. Presently, children will be forced to study for several months now and without new books. After the completion of the process of supply from the government, all the books will be able to come in the district in three months and work book only after four months. Version–

The target has been set to enroll maximum number of children in the district. The demand for books for enrolled children has been sent to the government. The order will be available for the firm relative to the demand. After this the work order will be issued to the concerned firm. After the supply of books from the firm, the distribution work will be started. At present, old books have been distributed for reading.

Gautam Prasad, District Basic Education Officer, Mirzapur.


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Council School : 1806

Total Enrollment Children : 318916

Newly Enrolled Children : 50508

Books demand : 318916

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