Shani Gochar: On coming January 31, the setting Saturn will sink the boat of some zodiac signs, know which are these Zodiac Signs

ReligionShani Gochar: On coming January 31, the setting Saturn will sink the...
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Shani Gochar January: On coming 31st January, Shani transit and Shani set can have opposite effect on some zodiac signs. Know here which are these zodiac signs.

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Shani Gochar: On January 17, Shani Dev had entered Aquarius and on coming January 31, he is going to enter Aquarius. After this, on March 5, Shani Dev (Shani Dev) will once again rise in his Mooltrikona Aquarius. Saturn’s setting can have adverse effects on the natives of some zodiac signs. People of these zodiac signs may also have to face problems due to Shani Ast. Know which are the zodiac signs which can be affected by Shani transit and Shani set.

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Effect of Saturn setting on zodiac signs. Shani Ast Effects On Zodiac Signs

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According to the calculation, the time of Shani set is being told on Tuesday, January 31, at 2.46 pm. At the same time, on March 5, 2023, on Sunday night at 8:25, Shani Dev will rise once again in Aquarius. When Saturn sets, there can be a significant impact on the job. Apart from this, there is a need to be careful about health. At the same time, those who are doing private jobs can be affected.


Shani Dev is going to set in Aquarius only, due to which the natives of this zodiac sign can be greatly affected by Saturn’s setting. The family condition of the people of this zodiac can be bad, as well as there is a possibility of affecting the married life. Disagreement can increase among loved ones.

Leo sun sign

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Saturn will set in the sixth house of Leo. Due to this, people of Leo zodiac may have health related problems. The expenses of the people of this amount may increase, there may be financial crunch and financial problems may increase.


When Saturn sets, the professional life (financial life) of the natives of Aries can be affected. People of this zodiac need to be very careful in money transactions. Aries people are also advised not to make any kind of investment till Saturn rises.

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