New Delhi, JNNl Shark Tank India co-judge Ashneer Grover has now made a funny video which is going viral very fast. In the video Ashneer Grover and Shubham Gaur can be seen talking about rich and middle class people.

He has shared a video on Instagram with comedian Shubham Gaur. Apart from both of them, Saloni Gaur is also seen. In the first part of the video, how rich people give direction. It is being told. In this, Shubham is driving and Ashneer Telling them how to reach their house. He says, ‘I have reached. Where to come.’

On this Ashneer says, ‘Take your car in the service lane. My guard is standing outside, give him the car. He will park it.’ On this Shubham Gaur says, ‘This Gucci t-shirt is your guard.’ Ashneer Grover says, ‘He sweeps the inside, the guard is the second person. After putting the car in there is my Maybach parka which is a little longer. After that there is more Porsche and after that you will find a personal lift. This is at the front door of my door. Opens up. Come up and ring the doorbell.

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In the subsequent scene, Shubham Gaur stands in his balcony and explains how to come to his house. After listening to him, Saloni comes out and says, ‘You once again let the car in, now the neighbors will make a fuss about it. ‘ Then Shubham says, ‘Hey he is on a bicycle.’ In the caption of this video, it is written, ‘Tell me the landmark near your house friends’ Apart from this, he also used hashtags like Shubham Gaur, Ashneer Grover, Shark Tank India Hello Shark Tank India 2nd season registration has started. Now the new season will start soon.

Edited By: Rupesh Kumar