She kept on weeping for not getting entry in the exam center: if she arrived late, she did not give entry, kept crying outside the gate with folded hands, if the admit card of a woman from Gujarat fell, she reached 10 minutes late

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The examination of both the shifts of REET exam has been completed. The first shift in the morning started at 10:30, but after the commencement of the examination, there was a dispute. If some candidates came late to the exam center then entry was not given. Many female candidates kept crying and crying to go to the exam hall. When three girls arrived 5 minutes late in Sikar, they were not allowed inside. In Ajmer, the admit card of a woman who came to take the exam from Gujarat fell on the way. On this, she brought it from her sister, but when the woman reached the center again, it was delayed. At this she started crying. The woman told that she had come from Dahod in Gujarat. Was preparing for REET for two years, but due to delay of 5 minutes, she did not get entry. Apart from this, the thread from the hands outside the examination center and the clip was also removed from the hair. The bracelets were removed from the hands. The nose and earring were also removed. Married women were not even allowed to wear mangalsutra.

girls crying at the gate

When three girls reached SK Girls College in Sikar, the center gate was closed. All three kept pleading to go inside with folded hands. She started crying at the gate. She kept beating the iron gate with her hands. Sitting there she was crying and crying. Still no one listened a thing. Priyanka from Khirod, Kavita from Jhunjhunu and Priyanka from Nawalgarh told that they had come to the center 10 minutes before the start of the examination. She stood at the gate. The guard told him to go to the back gate. When they reached the back gate, the guard standing at the gate did not let them in. When she came back to the main gate, she was not allowed to enter even from there. She started crying at the gate. Sitting outside the gate on the road.

Removed all the threads at the center, did not let go if you were lying down

Before the commencement of the exam in Jaipur, from the thread-bedding to the hair clips were also removed at the center. Hand bracelets were also removed. The tops of the girls were also checked at the center and sent inside. Girls in jeans-t-shirts were stopped from going to many centers. They were told to come wearing loose clothes. In many centers there was no place to change clothes.

Admit card fell when she reached from Gujarat to give exam

A young girl arrived from Dahod in Gujarat at the Central Girls School in Ajmer. His admit card had fallen somewhere. Without admit card he was not allowed to enter. Then she reached the sister to get the second admit card. When she reached the center again, she was not allowed inside. Damayanti Tanwar had come to Ajmer a day earlier from Dahod in Gujarat. Reached the center before nine o’clock. Not allowed to go without admit card. She went to the relative’s house and brought another admit card. She reached the center by 10 o’clock. He was harassed by sending him here and there at the center. Still he was not allowed to go inside.

Nanny handling the child outside the centre.

reached inside after feeding the children

Many married women with small children had come to the center to take the examination. Before going to the examination center, the women fed the children by sitting on their lap. After this, she left, giving her husband and mother to the children who came with her. During this, many children kept crying and crying outside the center. After giving the exam again the mother took care of him.


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