Shivanand’s advice to Nitish … go to the ashram: Said- Make Tejashwi CM in 2025; JDU’s answer – find another ashram

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In the RJD’s State Council meeting, senior leader Shivanand Tiwari has given advice to Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. He told the forum that Nitish Kumar has been talking about opening an ashram and training political workers, so we are reminding Nitish ji to open an ashram.

Nitish ji, make Tejashwi Yadav the chief minister in 2025 and after that I will also walk with you to the ashram and political workers will be trained. When Shivanand Tiwari was speaking these things, Tejashwi Yadav was also present along with Lalu Prasad on the stage.

Here JDU is angry on Shivanand’s advice. Upendra Kushwaha replied that Nitish Kumar ji is not going to open the ashram yet. I think if you need, you should look for some other ashram. However, later Shivanand has also clarified on his statement.

Uniting opposition parties is like weighing a frog

Shivanand Tiwari not only advised Nitish Kumar to go to the ashram from the stage, but also said that uniting the opposition parties is like weighing frogs on the scales. We came together in 1977. Then the personality of Jayaprakash Narayan had an effect.

The government of the Grand Alliance was formed, but the minds of the workers of both the parties (RJD-JDU) should also be met. It is important to have this coordination. For this, 14-15 meetings of Tejashwi and Nitish Kumar should be held across Bihar. If the base vote bank of both the parties vote together, then we will have 40 seats in the Lok Sabha.

multiple meanings of the statement

Many meanings are being extracted from this statement of Shivanand Tiwari. The question is, when Nitish Kumar will go to the ashram with Shivanand Tiwari, then what will happen to the campaign to make Nitish Kumar the PM in 2024? The question is also whether Shivanand Tiwari is advising Nitish Kumar to go to the ashram instead of becoming the PM.

Some other ashram should be found – Upendra Kushwaha

The advice given by RJD to Nitish Kumar has gone unpunished for JDU. Senior JDU leader Upendra Kushwaha has tweeted and said that ‘Baba, Nitish Kumar ji is not going to open the ashram yet. The prayers of crores of countrymen are with them, who want Nitish ji to continue serving the countrymen along with the people of Bihar while staying at the highest peak of power. I think if you need to, you should look for some other ashram.’

Shivanand’s clarification on the statement

Shivanand Tiwari, while clarifying on his ashram statement, has said on social media that many people have got confused about my speech in the State Council meeting. As far as building an ashram is concerned, that too is an old thing between us. There used to be talk about where an ashram can be built. Recalling the same, I had talked about building an ashram after the 2025 assembly elections. Anyway, in Hinduism, it has been said to go to the ashram only in the fourth stage of life.

Shivanand raised questions on Nitish’s big campaign: Said – I doubt in uniting the opposition parties, it is like weighing frogs on the scales

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