Shivling Puja Vidhi: Devotees do this work related to Shivling to please Lord Shiva, it is believed that Bholenath’s grace resides

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Shivling Puja Vidhi: According to religious belief, worship of Shivling is very special and effective. It is said that Lord Shiva is pleased by worshiping the Shivling with a duly and sincere heart.

special things

  • Offering water on Shivling is considered special.
  • To get rid of Pitra Dosh, worship of Shivling is considered special.
  • The worship of Shivling is special during Pradosh period.

Shivling Puja Vidhi: For the worship of Lord Shiva in Hinduism, the law of different worship has been told. Each worship method has a special significance. Some devotees want to please Lord Shiva by offering only water, while some try to please Bholenath by keeping a fast. It is believed that the blessings of Lord Shiva can be obtained by offering milk-abhishek, Jalabhishek, Abhishek with Gangajal and Belpatra on Shivling. Apart from this, it is believed that by taking a resolution and worshiping Lord Shiva according to the rules, every wish of a person can be fulfilled. At the same time, some remedies related to Shivling have been told for happiness and prosperity. Let’s know about this.

According to the belief, what are the remedies related to Shivling?

It is advised to worship Lord Shiva regularly to get desired results. It is said that worshiping Lord Shiva regularly at certain times gives special results.

to solve financial problems

According to the belief, a lamp is lit near Shivling during Pradosh period to overcome the financial problem. This has to be done regularly for 41 days. It is said that by lighting a lamp of ghee in front of Shivling during the Pradosh period of a pure heart, one can get rid of financial problems.

To get rid of personal problem

It is a religious belief that Bholenath is very kind. It is said that the person who offers Belpatra, cannabis, Datura, milk and water on Shivling with a sincere heart, he gets rid of personal problems soon.

To get rid of Pitra Dosha

It is believed that due to Pitra Dosha one has to face many problems in life. In such a situation, the worship of Shivling is considered best to get rid of Pitra Dosh. It is said that by offering black sesame and akshat on Shivling on Monday and donating it, one gets freedom from Pitra Dosha.

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