Shukra Gochar: Venus’s zodiac sign is going to change soon, the luck of these zodiac signs can shine

ReligionShukra Gochar: Venus's zodiac sign is going to change soon, the luck...
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Shukra Rashi Parivartan: Venus is about to enter Aquarius. This zodiac transit will affect many other zodiac signs and can prove to be very auspicious for the natives of some zodiac signs.

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Shukra Gochar: According to astrology, the direction and condition of the planets have a deep impact on the happiness and sorrow of life. At the same time, the planets are also kept on religious rituals, due to which the planet Venus is called Shukra Dev, Saturn is called Shani Dev and Jupiter is called Brihaspati Dev. On the coming day of January 22, there is going to be a zodiac change (Rashi Parivartan) of Venus and they are entering Aquarius. This Rashi transit can have an impact on many zodiac signs, out of which these 4 zodiac signs are considered to be signs of fortune or better luck.

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Effect of Venus transit on zodiac signs. Shukra Gochar Effects On Zodiac Signs


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This time is said to be very auspicious for the people of Capricorn. Transit of Venus indicates prosperity in the life of this zodiac sign. People of this zodiac can get success and promotion in the job. Also, there can be happiness in married life.

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It is being said for the people of this zodiac that they are likely to get success in the job. Transit of Venus is bringing good fortune for this Gemini. You can get a chance to move forward in your career and the stuck work related to work will be completed. Especially the chances of promotion are increasing.

Leo sun sign

The work that has been stopped for a long time can also be done for the people of Leo. With the entry of Venus in Aquarius, the doors of success can open for the people of Leo zodiac. It is believed that this time will prove to be very good for the people of this caste.


Aries is also included in the number of zodiac signs for which the change of Venus is bringing good luck. The people of this zodiac can get success in every field. Those who want to start any new work can feel free to do so. At the same time, this time will also be good for starting a business.

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