SI arrested taking bribe of 4 lakhs in Sirohi: Lawyer and broker caught red handed, 1 lakh rupees were taken 1 day ago

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Ashok Singh, Mandar police station officer of Sirohi district has been arrested in a bribery case of Rs 4 lakh. Along with the police officer, 1 lawyer and 1 broker have also been caught. The accused had demanded a bribe of Rs 10 lakh from the victim to help in the rape case and to lighten the matter. During this, the deal was settled for Rs 5 lakh, out of which Rs 1 lakh was taken away by one person on Tuesday. Jalore and Jodhpur ACB team arrested 3 people, including the police officer, taking the remaining Rs 4 lakh in a hotel near Revdar on Wednesday.

Jalore ACB’s ASP Mahavir Singh Ranawat told that the victim Mukesh Prajapat had given a complaint to him. He told in the complaint that a woman from Gujarat had filed a case against him at the Mandar police station. In lieu of helping in this rape case and lightening the matter, Mandar police station in-charge SI Ashok Singh is harassing Charan by demanding Rs 10 lakh through advocate Abhimanyu Singh and broker Anil Singh. On this the ACB team got the complaint verified. During this, the deal was settled for Rs 5 lakh and out of this, one person took Rs 1 lakh on Tuesday, while Rs 4 lakh was decided to be given on Wednesday. The ACB made a trap plan after the complaint was found to be true.

Ranawat said that according to the plan, on Wednesday morning the victim went to give Rs 4 lakh to the accused. During this, he indicated the ACB by giving 4 lakh rupees to the advocate and broker. On this, the team arrested both the accused with Rs 4 lakh. At the same time, the team of Jodhpur ACB took Ashok Singh into custody from Mandar police station and took everyone to Sirohi, where they are being interrogated.

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