Sim Card Crime: Do not make this mistake with your sim card, otherwise you will go to jail!

TechnologySim Card Crime: Do not make this mistake with your sim card,...
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Sim Card Crime: In today’s time every person uses mobile phone and SIM card has become an essential tool for mobile operation. But do you know that some mistakes related to SIM card can also land you in jail. Now you must be thinking that what is it that you do not know, then (Sim Card Crime) today in this article we will give you detailed information about what you should keep in mind while using the SIM card.

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SIM Card Fraud: You need to keep one thing in mind that do not let your SIM card touch the wrong person, if this happens then anyone can misuse your card and cheat someone else. can give. If your number is scammed, you can go to jail.

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SIM Card Swapping: Never give your SIM card to any other person for keeping or use as your number can be misused by creating duplicate SIM card or cloning the SIM card and it may land you in trouble. can put

If you have an extra SIM, take special care: If you have an extra SIM card, which you keep lying around and forget, then this can be your biggest mistake. Because if your SIM gets into the hands of a wrong person, then wrong things can happen with your number. That number can also be used for criminal activities, which can even lead to jail.

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