Some farmers should fill: the happiness of the farmer’s house wet in the rain, tears of pain seen, preparing to rob the farmer by collusion.

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Since independence, many political faces have made claims to improve the lives of farmers, but even today, the farmer is crying tears of pain, instead of beautifying the life of the political farmers, he is trying to snatch the happiness of his family, the example of the same is the last 4 days. There is a strike of Arhtiyas in the mandis and the farmer’s paddy is not being bought for 4 days. Due to heavy rain in the district for 3 days from above, the farmer’s crop is getting wet in the rain under the open sky in the mandis, due to this, when the representative of the daily made a ground report in the grain market of Nissing on Thursday, the farmer was in great pain. Seen in Due to the strike and rain of the arhtiyas, the aspirations of the farmers were ruined. Crops standing in the fields were laid on the ground, while thousands of quintals of paddy lying under the open sky in the market got soaked. Tears came out of the eyes of the farmers seeing water flowing like this on their hard work.

If the solution is not found, then the hard work of the farmers will be washed away

The way the farmers are sitting in the market for the last four days waiting to buy their paddy and the agent is on strike, if the government does not solve it soon, then no one can stop the farmer from being hit by the weather and strike. Farmers’ hard work for 6 months will go in water. The farmers present in the mandi have told that their paddy is getting wet under the open sky in the market and efforts are being made to protect them by covering them with tarpaulins. Farmers say that the crop of their fields has also lied on the ground, in the same way if it keeps raining, then the farmer will be ruined.

no one listens to farmers

Farmer Mehr Singh, who arrived with paddy in the grain market of Nissing, said that on one hand the strike of the arhtiyas is taking a toll on us due to the weather. Their hard work has been getting wet for four days under the open sky in the grain market. Neither the government is accepting the demands of the arhtiyas nor is the arhtiyas ending their strike. The farmers are facing the brunt of which there is no one to listen to them and there is no estimate of when the strike will end. The government should pay attention to the demands of the arhtiyas as soon as possible and end the strike in some way.

Tarpaulin on paddy lying in the open in the market.

Farmers should be looted by collusion Stayed

Farmer Pale Ram, who came for four days to sell paddy crop in the mandi, said that every year the traders, traders and the government in connivance rob the farmers. This year also they are being robbed by doing the same to the farmers. Farmer Pale Ram said that now his paddy is being deliberately soaked in the rain. Due to which the color of paddy turns black. Later this same trader could buy this paddy at a cheap price and earn profit from it. Whereas the rice inside this paddy comes out completely white. There is no one to listen to us. So to whom should we tell our pain?

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