South Korea will provide humanitarian aid to North Korea

WorldSouth Korea will provide humanitarian aid to North Korea
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North Korea: South Korea’s government said Friday it would boost civilian efforts to provide humanitarian aid to North Korea in hopes of defuse a diplomatic crisis fueled by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s growing nuclear ambitions. Unification Minister Kwon Young-se did not say what kind of assistance he considered credible or whether it was realistic to expect those exchanges to inspire meaningful diplomatic breakthroughs.

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North Korea has suspended almost all cooperation with rival South Korea since the breakdown of its nuclear talks with the US in 2019. The nuclear talks broke down over disagreements over continuing US-led sanctions and steps to reduce (North Korea’s) nuclear weapons and missile programmes.

Kim Jong Un tested more than 70 missiles in 2022

In 2022, Kim further increased the tension by conducting more than 70 missile tests. These missiles also potentially have the capability to carry nuclear warheads. Their ability to kill ranges from South Korea to the American continent. Kim had said that in the event of a crisis, North Korea would use predetermined nuclear weapons against the US and South Korea. In contrast, both countries conducted large-scale military exercises in response to the North Korean threat.

Spoke on Ministry’s plans at Kwan’s press conference

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Kwon’s press conference on Friday was to address reporters on the ministry’s policy plans for 2023. But the lack of new ideas to revive talks underscored how rising tensions on the Korean Peninsula have sidelined a ministry dedicated to improving ties with the North and promoting eventual peaceful reunification.

Will try to broaden contacts through international organizations

Kwon said, “We will support the efforts of civil organizations to resume contact with North Korea in order to reopen the path of dialogue and restore trust between the South and the North amid severely strained South-North relations.” It should be just a little bit. At the same time, efforts will be made to broaden contacts through international organizations.

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