Nirankar Singh. Recently Russia has tested anti-satellite missile, due to which America is angry. Through this test, Russia has destroyed one of its own satellites. The debris that has spread in space has become a threat to other satellites. The US has called it a dangerous and irresponsible missile test. It has said that the test put the lives of astronauts on the International Space Station (ISS) at risk.

In fact, in this test, Russia targeted one of its own satellites, which exploded causing debris in space and forcing the ISS crew to hide in their capsule. On November 16, Russia fired its own satellite to test an anti-satellite missile, according to US State Department spokesman Ned Price. In this more than 1,500 fragments and thousands of small debris were made, which threatens the interests of all countries.

There are more than 27 thousand pieces of satellite debris moving in space and these pieces can collide with the International Space Station (ISS) and satellites in space at any time. America’s space agency NASA has said that it will keep an eye on these pieces of satellite and if there is a danger of colliding with the ISS then the astronauts can be brought back to Earth. According to experts, it is impossible to control the debris generated by such anti-satellite missile tests.

This has created thousands of pieces of debris, many of which will come towards Earth, but many will continue to roam in space and will affect the missions of all countries in the future. For the past 64 years, one after the other movements have been going on over our heads, which means that millions of pieces are moving uncontrollably in space. Their size ranges from 1 cm to 10 cm. Such activities will also have an impact on satellites related to weather and telecommunications. Today the need is to clean the environment of space, not to pollute it further.

Countries like India, America, Russia and China are capable of ejecting satellites from orbit from the earth itself. It is a rare event to test such an anti-satellite missile. Whenever this happens, it is criticized, because it pollutes the entire environment of space. When China destroyed one of its inactive weather satellites in 2007, it spread more than 2,000 pieces of debris into space. It had posed a threat to the already ongoing space missions of other countries including China.

It is noteworthy that the space station is in such an orbit from which others try to keep away any kind of equipment, whether it is active or inactive. However, astronauts have to take precautionary measures when they suddenly come close to pieces of satellites and rockets. The movement of these pieces is so fast that they are able to easily pierce the walls of the station. As a precautionary measure, astronauts usually close the hatch between the modules. Or they go into their capsule or the spacecraft that has taken them to the station. When astronauts are working around in space, their capsules are attached to the space station so that they can fly on them like lifeboats in case of emergency.

The weapon with which Russia destroyed its satellite is called Anti-Satellite Weapon, which is launched from Earth to destroy satellites present in space. It is believed that many countries have this technology, but only America, Russia, China and India have been able to test it successfully. On 27 March 2019, India shot down one of its inactive satellites at an altitude of 300 km from Earth with a similar missile. Anti-satellite weapons can completely change the definition of conventional warfare, as it is not necessary to launch expensive fighter jets, submarines and warships to bring an enemy country to its knees, but by destroying satellites in space. Now it can be done in a matter of moments.

In such a situation, what will happen in the near future if war breaks out in space and enemy countries start attacking each other’s satellites with missiles? All DTH will stop working. Your internet won’t work, the GPS system will shut down, the planes in the air will lose their way. Even ships of water will not find a way. The world economy will stop in a jiffy. The communication system of the whole world will come to a standstill. The banking system will come to a standstill, digital transactions will come to a standstill. The intelligence, navigation, communication systems of the forces will also be closed and it will not be possible to respond to the enemy by land, air or water.

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Edited By: Sanjay Pokhriyal