New Delhi, ANI. The company has expressed happiness over the resumption of passengers on SpiceJet’s Boeing 737 MAX after two and a half years. After a long wait of over two years, India’s Directorate General of Aviation Regulatory Authority (DGCA) has finally allowed SpiceJet to restart its Max aircraft for commercial use by passengers.

SpiceJet’s Chairman and Managing Director (CMD) Ajay Singh spoke exclusively to news agency ANI on the commercial use of 737 MAX aircraft. He said that the regulators across the world especially in the USA, Europe and India did multiple checks and finally cleared us for commercial operation. We prepare our flights for the use of commercial passengers.

737 MAX will fly from Delhi to Gwalior

SpiceJet owner and Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia will fly 737 MAX aircraft to restore the confidence of passengers in the safety of the aircraft. This flight will remain from Delhi to Gwalior.

Got very good response three years ago

SpiceJet CMD Ajay Singh said that we had suffered a lot due to the closure of SpiceJet. When we built this ship three years ago, we got a very good response, but now I am happy that this ship is flying again.

With this, he said, ‘In the last seven years, we have added so many new cities and new airports on the aviation map, the work of connecting every small city has been done. The Prime Minister has said that the person wearing slippers should also travel, for that it is necessary that the cost of aviation should be reduced and the state governments should reduce VAT.

Edited By: Dhyanendra Singh Chauhan