Spinach or milk, by whose consumption the body gets more calcium, you should also know

LifestyleSpinach or milk, by whose consumption the body gets more calcium, you...
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Spinach vs Milk For Calcium: Whether milk is more effective in meeting calcium deficiency or spinach and which has more calcium, know here.

special things

  • Calcium makes bones strong.
  • Calcium deficiency affects health.
  • Know which has more calcium content.
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Calcium Deficiency: Calcium is a mineral that is highly responsible for strong bones. Having sufficient amount of calcium in the body helps in maintaining good health. In addition, calcium also helps in the absorption of vitamin D, which is essential for bone health. Milk and Spinach are commonly heard in things rich in calcium, but in which of these two foods can the amount of calcium be found and which can better meet calcium deficiency? Maybe, know.

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Spinach or milk for calcium | Spinach or Milk for Calcium

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Talking about nutrients, both spinach and milk are rich in calcium. If spinach and milk are taken in equal quantity, then the amount of sugar found in spinach is 11 times less than in milk. At the same time, spinach has 54 percent fewer calories than milk. Apart from this, vitamins in spinach. Niacin. The amount of vitamin B6 and folate is high, while milk has more pantothenic acid and vitamin B12 than spinach. Apart from this, spinach is a good source of dietary fiber and it is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K and potassium.

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Saturated fat is less in spinach as compared to milk. Talking about calcium only, 100 grams of spinach contains 99 mg of calcium, while taking the same amount of milk, the body gets 123 mg of calcium from it. That is, more calcium is found in milk than in spinach. However, if the details of all the nutrients are taken, spinach is very beneficial for health.

These foods also contain calcium

Curd made from milk is a good source of calcium. The body gets a lot of calcium from curd. It can be easily included in everyday diet.

Among the green vegetables, like spinach, broccoli is also rich in calcium. Along with calcium, vitamins and other minerals are also found in broccoli. It can also be eaten in the form of salads, soups, vegetables and toppings.

A considerable amount of calcium is found in Tofu made from soy. The body gets 80 mg of calcium from half a cup of tofu. It can be cooked and eaten in different ways. Vegans can make up for calcium deficiency, especially with tofu.

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