Vinay Tiwari, Amethi

There is no trace of sports material sent to the youth to play at the village level. The sentiments of the youth are being openly cheated. Departmental people say that the scheme has stopped. But where is the stuff? No one is ready to say anything on this.

Sports material was made available in the year 2009 under the Payka scheme in almost every gram sabha of the development block. In which goalweight, lifting, volleyball, football, bat, ball etc. were sent. So that the poor children of the village can get benefit. Those who don’t have money to buy stuff to play. The cost of sports material sent is said to be close to fifty thousand. But, now this material is nowhere to be found. The department did not listen to the complaint of the youth. Due to which the hope of the youth who want to move forward in the game seems to be dashed.

The responsibility was given to the sports officer:

The responsibility of taking care of the sports material given in the Payka scheme was given to the Block Sports Officer. Due to lack of proper space in the block, the material was kept with the village head. Sports material was given under Yuva and Mahila Mangal Dal Khel Yojana.

Listen to them:

District Youth Welfare Officer Rajesh Verma told that the Payka scheme has stopped in 2014. Now under the Mangaldal scheme, sports material worth ten thousand has been provided in every gram sabha. In which there are sports goods like net, volleyball etc. While some Gram Sabhas have become sports grounds. Net etc. has also been sent there. Soon after talking to the sports officer of the block, the verification of the scheme will be done. List of Nyaya Panchayat level playgrounds approved:

According to Bazarshukul representative, the District Basic Education Officer has given his approval by finalizing the list of sports grounds for the Nyaya Panchayat level sports to be held every year for the purpose of physical growth of the children studying in council schools. Teachers and students have started preparations for this sport to be held under the supervision of exercise teacher Satyendra Tiwari and under the leadership of Block Education Officer Shailendra Shukla. Mawaiya of development block having nine Nyay Panchayats, entire Shukulan of Rahmatgarh, Pali’s integrated school Newajgarh, primary school Dakhingaon of Dakhingaon, entire Behbal of Mahona West, Para of Baharpur, Rasulpur of Barsanda, Composite Sevra of Unchgaon, Mardanpur and Satthin of Kisni. Madwa school campus has been selected for this sport. Under the management of the headmasters of these schools, this sport will be organized on the date fixed by the department. The Block Education Officer said that all round development of children is done through sports. Sports have great importance in childhood.

Edited By: Jagran