Spying for ISI, caught MES employee: Pakistan used to send important information through WhatsApp, sent many photos of secret area, agencies engaged in interrogation

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Pakistani intelligence agency ISI is not deterring from spying in India. Its network in western Rajasthan remains a challenge for the country’s intelligence agencies. Intelligence agencies have detained an employee of Military Engineering Service (MES) in Jodhpur on charges of spying for Pakistan. He is accused of sending confidential information related to military construction to Pakistan. He has been taken from Jodhpur to Jaipur. Intelligence agencies are jointly interrogating him.

The Intelligence Wing of Rajasthan on Tuesday caught Ram Singh (30), a Class IV employee working in the Military Chief Engineer Zone Office, spying for Pak intelligence agencies. MES handles the military sector and some other important construction works. Ram Singh used to take photographs of confidential letters of proposed construction plans in the military area in his office and send them across the border to Pakistan. The intelligence agencies got suspicious because of his activities. In such a situation, he was being monitored for the last two months. Seeing the opportunity on Tuesday, the Intelligence Agency caught him. Ram Singh is originally a resident of Mount Abu and recently resides in the MES Quarter on Rasala Road. He was appointed to the fourth class post only three years ago. According to the information, Ram Singh was a resident of Goagaon in Mount Abu in Sirohi district. Ram Singh used to send information to Pakistani intelligence agency ISI through WhatsApp.

ISI is active in the area
Some other areas including Jodhpur and Jaisalmer are considered very important from the strategic point of view. In such a situation, the Pakistani intelligence agency remains very active in this area. The women posted on his behalf entrap people in their nets through fake calls. Along with this, by collecting the numbers of some important people through their sleeper cells, these women put strings on them. Some people fall into their trap. After this, through video chatting, these women catch these people in their infatuation in such a way that it becomes difficult for anyone to get rid of them. Many times these people even start threatening that their pole will be exposed in front of the Indian Army or Police. In such a situation, some people do not open their mouth even for fear of being caught.

There are both active and sleeper cells in western Rajasthan.
There are two types of people spying for ISI in the area. One remains active. While others work in sleeper cells. Sleeper cell people do not always work, they sometimes send some important information and sit back in peace. These are used to trap people posted in different positions.


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