Story of Kharkhoda Honorkinling like ‘Sairat’ and ‘Dhadak’: Younger brother started commuting to break the house of sister who did intercast love marriage, elder conspired and ruined the family

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The story of Kharkhoda’s honorkilling case, in which the court sentenced a convict to death on October 12, is exactly like the films ‘Sairat’ and ‘Dhadak’. Upper caste Sushila had a love marriage with Pradeep of Dalit family, while Sushila’s younger brother Monu first gained her trust by socializing with her sister and gathered information about her in-laws. Sushila’s father-in-law warns her about Monu, but Sushila, who is in her brother’s affection, does not heed their warnings. After gathering complete information about Sushila and her in-laws, Monu, along with his elder brother Sonu, shot and killed Sushila’s husband Pradeep, father-in-law Suresh (60) and mother-in-law Sunita (45). Both did not even spare sister Sushila and her handicapped brother-in-law Suraj.

The slain Pradeep’s grandmother Dhan Kaur (80) was the only witness in the incident. Dhan Kaur told the police, ‘On Friday night, November 18, 2016, someone called my grandson Pradeep from the street and knocked on the door of the house. Pradeep first removed the window curtain and opened the door seeing the acquaintance. As soon as the door opened, the attackers opened fire on Pradeep. All of a sudden we were stunned by the sound of gunshots. After that a boy entered and shot my son Suresh (60) and his wife Sunita (45). When Suraj, a physically challenged grandson, tried to resist, he too was shot. The attackers did not even spare Sushila. Everything happened in 10 minutes. My son Suresh, his wife Sunita and grandson Pradeep died there.

Father used to instigate Monu-Sonu to take revenge on daughter
Sushila was the daughter of Omprakash, who lived in the Birdhana village of Jhajjar. Omprakash was very angry with the intercaste love marriage of daughter Sushila and Pradeep, so he stayed in Kharkhoda to reiki the in-laws of Sushila as well as instigate his two sons Sonu and Monu to take revenge. Sonu-Monu were also very angry with the sister’s intercaste love marriage. When the police arrested Sushila’s elder brother Sonu, he confessed that the sister’s love marriage was not acceptable to his family. Therefore, under full planning, first sent the younger brother Monu to Sushila’s house and after winning the trust of his family, killed everyone.

One hanged in Kharkhoda honor killing: The brothers, who were angry with the love marriage of the sister, had shot her husband, mother-in-law and father-in-law 5 years ago; a runaway deal

Sonu and Harish already have criminal records
Apart from Sushila’s two brothers, her aunt’s son Harish was also involved in this murder. Harish and Sonu of Hasanpur village have an old criminal record. Both fled after the incident. The car used in the murder was robbed from Jhajjar. Many cases of murder, dacoity, robbery and intimidation are registered against both of them in Jhajjar, Rewari, Gurugram, Narnaul and Dadri. Harish also attacked his aunt and Phupher Bhai in 2008 in which Phupher Bhai was killed. In this, Harish got life imprisonment. He was on parole for 42 days at the time of the murder of Sushila’s in-laws.

Sushila played on her life to save her husband
Sushila was nine months pregnant at the time of the incident and she played on her life to save her husband Pradeep. Sushila stood bravely in front of the killers who were firing indiscriminately after entering the house. When the accused opened fire targeting Pradeep’s forehead, Sushila saved him by putting his left hand in the middle. After shooting one bullet to Pradeep, when the killers fired another bullet on his forehead, Sushila interrupted the hand. The bullet went out tearing Sushila’s hand. After this, the killers shot three bullets at the pregnant Sushila. After getting the first bullet in the mouth, Sushila fell on Pradeep with the aim of saving him. After this the killers fired two more bullets in his waist. When the attackers started running away, the injured Sushila also ran back to catch them. The injured Sushila was immediately rushed to the hospital, where she gave birth to a son. Pradeep’s Lalita was at her uncle’s house on the day of the incident, so she survived.

The family was not aware of the relationship between the two
Pradeep’s father Suresh was a laborer. Pradeep’s uncle Jagdish told that Pradeep and his sister Lalita were smart in studies, so the whole family wanted both of them to complete their studies. Pradeep graduated in Geography and his sister studied Computer Science. While studying in Rohtak’s Maharishi Dayanand University, Sushila and Pradeep came in contact with each other. Pradeep’s family was not aware of his and Sushila’s love affair.

The family was threatened after the disappearance of the daughter
Pradeep’s uncle Omprakash told that his family came to know about Pradeep and Sushila’s love affair when Sushila disappeared from their house. His father Omprakash and both brothers came to their village looking for Sushila and threatened to kill Pradeep’s family. At that time Pradeep was also missing from the house. They were frightened by the threat of Sushila’s family. Pradeep and Sushila, who got married, also kept changing their places continuously for one and a half years. Sushila and Pradeep got their marriage registered and started living secretly under police protection. Both also lived in Chandigarh for some time. Pradeep was afraid that if he returned to the village, Sushila’s father would get him finished.

Pradeep-Sushila returned to the village after two years
After two years of marriage, when everything started to calm down, Pradeep and Sushila returned to Kharkhoda. Pradeep started working in a private company in Saidpur. A few months later, Sushila’s younger brother Monu came to meet her sister for the first time. Monu came to Sushila to tie Rakhi on Rakshabandhan and also celebrated Diwali in her house. Slowly Pradeep’s family started feeling that maybe some people of Sushila’s family have started accepting the love marriage of both and everything can be normal. However, the real purpose of Monu’s socializing was to gather information about his family. He first won the trust of sister Sushila and as soon as the opportunity arose, attacked along with elder brother Sonu and younger brother Harish.

The main accused Sonu is absconding since the murder. The police have not been able to trace him till date. A reward of Rs 50,000 has also been announced on Sonu.


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