New Delhi, Lifestyle Desk, Stretching Benefits: Stretching is very important before starting any kind of workout like Weight Training, Yoga, Pilates, Aerobics. You can also call this the first rule of the workout. There is every possibility of getting an injury when working out without stretching and this injury lasts for a day or two rather than several days. Due to which working, sleeping, getting up and sitting can also become difficult. So stretching is a very important step to avoid all these problems and improve your performance during workouts. Let’s know the benefits of stretching

Stretching increases the flexibility of the body. By increasing flexibility, you are able to do workouts in a better way. The better the posture or workout, the more benefits the body will get.

By doing stretching in the right way, the circulation of blood increases, due to which many parts of the body work smoothly.

Stretching greatly reduces the chances of injury during workouts.

By doing stretching, the problems caused in the joints stay away and movement becomes easier.

Stretching before a workout enables the muscles to do their work properly.

You can increase the energy of the body by doing light stretching before any workout.

Stretching also improves body posture.

Whenever there is a feeling of lethargy or fatigue during work, even a little 7 to 10 minutes of stretching will make you active and energetic.

Stretching done before starting a workout makes the tight muscles a little loose, which reduces the chances of stretching the muscles to a great extent.

There are benefits of stretching before a workout, but there are thousands of benefits of stretching after a workout. The fatigue of the body is removed and the muscles are completely relaxed.

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Edited By: Priyanka Singh