Suckermouth catfish found in America found in ravine: found in the Amazon River, the subject of curiosity among the people; environmentalists worried

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After getting the suckermouth cat fish of the Ganges river in Banaras, the Suckermouth catfish fish found in the Haraha river, a branch of the Narayani river of Bagaha, has taken people by surprise. On Wednesday, while fishing in Harha river near Banchahari village, this fish got trapped in the net of the fisherman. After getting this strange fish, there was an influx of people to see the fish.

The experts of WTI and WWF working with Valmiki Tiger Reserve i.e. VTR are surprised to see this fish. A new crisis in front of the river came in the form of fish, which is found in the Amazon River of South America, several thousand kilometers away from here. The name of the fish is suckermouth catfish.

Found in Amazon 15000 km away

WWF Area Coordinator Kamlesh Maurya told that this is a matter of concern, as it is non-vegetarian. It is dangerous for the rivers flowing in Champaran. The fish has been found in the Haraha river. But, its home is not the rivers of India. Rather, it is thousands of kilometers away from here in the Amazon River of America. Despite this, it has been caught in the nets of fishermen and it has been proved that now its shelter has started being made in the local rivers also. This has worried environmentalists.

People related to environment are expressing concern

WWF’s Area Coordinator Kamlesh Maurya and WTI’s Subrata Lehra expressed concern that this fish is a carnivore and is also a threat to their ecosystem. The strange-mouthed fish is found thousands of kilometers away in the Amazon River of South America. These people have claimed that fish can destroy the ecosystem of local rivers.

Where did the fish finally reach thousands of kilometers away?

Now the question is arising within the people that how this fish, found in the Amazon River of South America, thousands of kilometers away, reached Bihar. In this regard, Kamlesh Maurya told that due to its distinct identity, people keep it in the aquarium. But in acurum it is much smaller. Whereas in a river its size has increased.

This fish is only non-vegetarian

One may have released from the acurum and its size has gradually increased. There is a great danger to the ecosystem because this fish is carnivorous and survives by eating the surrounding animals. Because of this, it does not allow any important fish or animal to flourish. In this sense, it is a major threat to the river ecosystem of Bihar.

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