Suicide note of 12 year old student..Lesson for all: ‘I made a mistake, was ashamed too, everyone was speaking shame-shame, should be given a chance…

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Copying can be a mistake. But, not even so great as to be tortured for it? To be beaten and humiliated? If such a mistake has been made, shouldn’t he be given a second chance? To explain many such questions and give a lesson to everyone, a student of class 7th of Rae Bareli had to commit suicide.

Yash Singh Maurya (12), a student of St Peter’s School in Mill Area police station area, hanged himself from a dupatta on the hook of the fan on Thursday after being disturbed by the harassment of the teacher and the principal. On Thursday, the teacher caught him copying in the biology examination. He not only thrashed but also humiliated him in front of everyone. Then took it to the principal. He humiliated in the same way. Hurt by this, Yash reached home. He went to the upstairs room without saying anything and committed suicide by writing a suicide note.

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Other family members including father Rajiv Maurya alleged that Yash could not bear this shock. CO Sadar Vandana Singh said, “On the complaint of Rajiv, a case has been registered against Principal Rajnai D’Souza and teacher Monica Mago.”

Yash Singh Maurya (12), a resident of Sehgaon village of Bachhrawan Kotwali area, was studying at his uncle Rajkumar Maurya’s house in Jawahar Vihar Colony for 5 years. He was a Class 7 student at St Peter’s School in the colony. At this time half yearly examinations were going on in the school.

This is the student ID card of Yash Maurya.  He studied in class 7 at St Peter's School.

Biology paper was on Thursday. While giving the examination, Yash was caught by the school teacher copying. It is alleged that the teacher beat up Yash in front of the entire class and insulted him. After this, Yash was taken to the principal of the school. Even there, the principal and the teacher beat Yash and insulted him.

After the death of the son, the father is in a bad condition.  He said that the son had distanced himself from himself for good studies.

Hurt by this, Yash committed suicide. After some time, when the incident came to light, there was a furore among the family members. On information, the police reached and took the body into custody. Other family members including father Rajiv Maurya expressed deep displeasure over the incident and lodged a complaint against the principal, teacher.

Written in the suicide letter-

Suicide note.

‘I cheated on the paper. in biology paper. I am going to die today. Don’t blame uncle-aunty, mom and dad for this. After making a mistake, one should definitely be given a chance, but it was not done. I cried a lot over my mistake. I was embarrassed. My colleagues also spoke shame-shame. Now my mind is not in my control. I am having bad thoughts. Sorry to all the friends and teachers of the school, parents, brothers and sisters.

This photo is of Yes's house.  The family is in a bad condition.

all of cherish was Glory
Yash’s father Rajeev Maurya said, “Keeping the son away from himself with his uncle in Rae Bareli to get a good education. Little did I know that my child will be away forever because of the teachers. He is loved by all. He was the youngest in the house. His elder brother Suyash Maurya loved him very much. The whole family is shocked by Yash’s death.

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