Sunil Gavaskar’s column. After clashing in the fast paced format of cricket, the teams of India and New Zealand will now face each other in the marathon format of the game. Now some of the sprinters on these two teams will give way to the long-distance runners. For the next few days, they will need stamina to cover the distance. Test cricket is the most challenging, as it not only tests the players technically, but also tests their temper. The ups and downs of the day’s play can be seen in all three seasons. During this a lot of concentration is needed. And its role in deciding the outcome of the match is no less important.

Over the years we have seen that the Kanpur pitch has been a batsmen’s dream where the ball, new or old, strikes the bat very well, that too without much movement. The batsman who spends time at the crease can easily score runs on these balls. Cheteshwar Pujara and Kane Williamson are the two players who can bat on such pitches for five days. However, I would also like to say that I have not seen the pitch in recent times, but I do not see much change in it. In this sense, this pitch should remain the same as the Greenpark Stadium pitch usually remains.

workload is the new word

There is a new term in this game called workload. This means that many regular players will not be seen in both the teams. Due to this, the word Test seems to be different from this series, but it is now in modern cricket. It is very frustrating for people of my generation to see how anyone can be denied an opportunity to play for their country, that too because of the perceived workload. However, the workload issue of one player also gives another player an opportunity to prove that he deserves to play for the country. We may also get one or two rising stars from this match. It is almost impossible to beat India on their soil and this reality should not change even in this two-match Test series.

Edited By: Vikash Gaur