New Delhi, Pretr. With a view to use technology in investigation of crimes, the Supreme Court has directed that the mobile app being used by the Delhi Police for videography and photography of crime spots should be tested by experts. Justice UU Lalit and Justice S. Ravindra Bhat was hearing a case in which it agreed to examine whether a crime scene can be compulsorily videographed and how it can become admissible as evidence in court. .

The court said that all these technological innovations for use in investigation should ensure that the photography and videography of crime scene and their uploading through the app is completely tamper-free and fully encrypted. The bench also said that it should also be ensured that videography and photography and their uploading through the app should be with contemporary and GPS locations. These standards will ensure that the material collected and uploaded is inherently credible as evidence in a criminal trial.

In its direction on November 18, the bench said, “Before arriving at any firm conclusion, we wish that the prototype implemented by Delhi Police be tested by experts in 15 police stations of South Delhi district.” If the developed mobile app is found by experts to be foolproof and reliable, then their report will be of great help before issuing any direction to the court.

The court directed that at least three high-ranking officers in the police, preferably from the National Police Academy, be associated as experts for such tests. These experts are free to engage the services of any cybercrime experts or people who are well versed in internet and virtual platforms.

Edited By: Tanisk