New Delhi, ANI. The Supreme Court has dismissed a petition related to the Central Vista Project. In the petition, there was a demand to shift the official residence of the President and the Prime Minister being built under the project to another place. Several petitions have been filed challenging the Central Vista Project. In these petitions, questions have been raised on several points, including the environmental clearance for the project and the change in land use for it.

The top court was hearing a petition filed by Rajiv Suri. The petition said that plot number one was to be used for recreational facilities, but it was being used for residential purposes. The court said that no private property is being built there, but the Vice President’s residence is being built. So there is bound to be greenery all around. The plan has already been approved by the authorities. You are not accusing me of malice in that process.

In fact, it was claimed in the petition that the movement of common people in this area would be reduced through the Central Vista. On this the Supreme Court has reprimanded the petitioner. The court said whether now the Vice President and the Prime Minister should be built by asking the common man. A bench headed by Justice AM Khanwilkar said that it is a matter of policy. Everything can be criticized, but there must be constructive criticism. How can the Vice President’s residence be elsewhere? That land has always been used for government purposes. How can you say that once listed for a recreation area it can never be changed? Even if it was once designated as a recreation area. Can’t the authorities modify it for the overall development of the area?

Edited By: Neel Rajput