Suspects of theft beating fiercely: pressed the young man with his feet, then kicked and punched; Accused of theft under the guise of picking up junk

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In Bilaspur, the mob thrashed two youths for theft. A man even pressed the young man with his foot. Then one by one people kept beating both the youths with kicks and punches. The video of this incident has also surfaced. Both these youths have been accused by the people of theft under the guise of picking up junk. The matter is of Imlipara of Civil Line police station area.

In Imlipara, a student named Priya Sahu lives on rent in the house of Sports Officer Basant Anchal. Priya woke up on Thursday morning at around 4 am, when she had left to go to the bathroom. Then a boy had entered the house from behind, who started running after seeing Priya. When Priya came back from the bathroom, her mobile and purse were found missing. On this he informed his landlord about the incident. The police was also informed about the incident. By the time the police reached there, the youth had fled.

Here, from 4 o’clock in the morning on Friday, the local people became active and started searching for the young man. But, the youth was not found. At around 10 am on Friday morning, the local people caught two people. This information was given to Basant Circle and Priya Sahu. After the youth was identified, he was severely beaten up. Also the police was informed. But by the time the police arrived, the local people had beaten them up a lot. Then he was handed over to the police.

Civil line TI Shanip Ratre said that the arrested youths have been medically conducted. Efforts are on to recover the stolen mobiles after interrogating them. He has given information about selling mobiles in a Raja mobile shop. He is also being investigated. The names of the suspects are Gabbar Thakur (21) and Choice Yadav (18).

Was asking for 2 thousand rupees to return the mobile
On the report of Basant Zone, the police was investigating the crime of theft. During this, Priya was calling on her mobile number, then the suspect youth was also receiving the mobile. He was demanding 2 thousand rupees in lieu of giving back the mobile. Priya even agreed to give him the money. After being caught, the young man talked about selling the mobile in Raja Mobile Shop. After interrogating them, the police are trying to recover the stolen mobile.

The local people were upset for three days
Basant Circle and Mukesh Sahu told that such theft incidents are happening continuously in the locality. Even three days ago, some youths were roaming around since 4 in the morning. Then the local people searched for him. For the last three days, the local people were busy in search of him after getting up from 4 in the morning.


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