New Delhi, Jnn. Actress Swara Bhaskar, who is in the discussion of social media for her outspokenness, wants to become a mother soon and for this she has decided to adopt a child. Swara has also got herself registered with the government organization for this. However, Swara’s wish will take some time to come true as the queue is long.

As reported by Mid-Day, Swara has registered herself as a Prospective Parent with the Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA). She said- I always wanted children and family. I thought the best way to achieve this happiness was through adoption. Fortunately, adoption of single women is allowed in India. I have met some parents who have adopted children. I have also met children who have been adopted by someone and are now adults.

I have read about this process and experience. Regarding CARA, Swara said- He helped me understand the whole process. After doing all the research, I talked to my parents and they have agreed to it and are helping me in this. Swara said that after completing all the formalities, she is now a prospective parent to adopt the child. In Bollywood, actors like Sushmita Sen, Raveena Tandon, Sunny Leone have also become parents through adoption.

Let me tell you, Swara has also recently won the Best Supporting Actress Award for Sheer Korma at the Soho London International Independent Film Festival, for which Swara is being congratulated on social media. Thanking everyone, Swara wrote – Thank you friends of Twitter. I appreciate your kind words and kindness. It is true that I have received a lot of abuse on Twitter, but I have also received equal love. I have made true friends here, who get a lot of support.

Let me tell you, Swara Bhaskar speaks openly on burning and topical issues in social media, for which she is also trolled a lot. But, Swara does not hold back from saying the right thing.

Edited By: Manoj Vashisth