Swati Satish’s ordeal: If the face deteriorated due to root canal, then I stopped leaving the house, lost my job too; film also snatched

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Kannada actress Swati Satish recently got her face ruined by a wrong root canal surgery. Now in an interview, Swati has told the painful story of her surgery. She also told that she will register an FIR against the doctor who performed her surgery. Swati said that she will send a legal notice to the doctor on Tuesday. He has also told that his job, modeling assignments, serials and a film have also been snatched due to his face deteriorating.

This statement of the actress came after her photos went viral on social media after surgery. It can be seen in these photos that her entire appearance has deteriorated, due to which it is becoming difficult to recognize Swati. Because of this, Swati has now stopped coming out of the house.

The doctor injected sodium hypochlorite, then gave anesthesia
In a conversation with India Today, Swati Satish told about the procedure of her root canal surgery. Swati said that when she consulted a second dentist for Second Opinion, she learned that the doctor who performed her surgery had given her an injection of sodium hypochlorite, followed by anesthesia. Whereas, another dentist told Swati that that doctor should have administered anesthesia first and then injection of sodium hypochlorite.

“The moment the doctor administered me sodium hypochlorite injection, I cried and cried,” Swati said. He further said that such mistakes can happen to everyone, but precautionary measures are taken when such mistakes happen in medical procedures. Swati said that if the doctor had given her an injection of saline when she was screaming in pain, her face would not have swollen as much as it is now.

Swati went for her root canal surgery on 8th May
The actress said that the doctor did not do this and later she went home to rest. When she woke up the next morning, her face had completely changed. Swati said that she had gone for her root canal surgery on May 28, but it could not be done due to swelling of her face.

Loss of job and modeling offers due to deteriorating face
Swati Satish said that after 23 days of surgery she is now recovering. But, she is still getting sensation in her lips and her shape has also changed. He said that doctors had told him that it may take 2 weeks to 1 month for him to fully recover. Swati Satish also told that due to bad face, she has lost her job, modeling assignments, serials and even a film offer.

Swati Satish has worked in films like 'FIR' and '6To6'.

Doctor told Swati’s allegations false
At the same time, the doctor who performed the surgery on Swati Satish told India Today that the actress has leveled allegations against him without any evidence. He said, “She keeps changing her statement. First she said that I injected her with salic acid and then later started telling her to salicylic acid. Both are not used in dental treatment.”

The doctor further said that what happened was the result of complications of root canal treatment and not due to medical negligence. When asked about Swati’s claim that she has lost her job and modeling assignments due to wrong surgery.

I have valid evidence of his statement
To this the doctor said that Swati had earlier admitted that she had not been evacuated. But, she has been asked to take rest till she feels better. The doctor said, “I have valid evidence of his statement.” The doctor said that she wants the real truth to come out and not just false allegations.

Allegation – given wrong information about treatment and medicines
Earlier, Swati Satish, a resident of Bangalore, had told that after the surgery, her entire face was swollen and pain started. The doctor assured Swati that in 2-3 days her face would be fine and the swelling would also go away, but after 3 weeks her condition was still the same, neither Swati’s face was swollen nor painful. His whole appearance had deteriorated.

According to media reports, Swati has allegedly accused the doctor of giving her wrong and half-baked information about treatment and medicines. He had earlier claimed that he was given salicylic acid instead of anaesthesia during the treatment.

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