Take parenting tips from Twinkle Khanna, preparation of parents is necessary for raising children

LifestyleTake parenting tips from Twinkle Khanna, preparation of parents is necessary for...
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Twinkle Khanna’s Parenting Tips: Every parent has a different parenting style. But, many times parents get confused in understanding whether their parenting is right or not. In such a situation, these tips of Twinkle Khanna can be useful for you.

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Parenting Tips: Twinkle Khanna is one of those celebs who are often seen talking on various issues on their social media or during interviews. She also shares things related to her upbringing, family and mutual relationships with people, due to which people are highly impressed by her and appreciate her as well. Akshay Kumar is the husband of Twinkle Khanna and both have 2 children, Aarav and Nitara. According to Twinkle, parents also need training before raising children, just like the driving license is given only after training and driving test. Know here some tips related to raising children given by Twinkle Khanna.

Parenting Tips by Twinkle Khanna | Twinkle Khanna’s Parenting Tips

Our job is not to give children a perfect childhood

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Twinkle Khanna says that our job is not to give children a perfect childhood. Our job is to fill the minds of children with ideas so that they learn to respect their strengths, become aware, but never underline their weaknesses. This includes loving them madly and force-feeding them vegetables. We have to spend a large number of our neurons on children’s mosquito bite marks, bad numbers and hurt feelings. And we have to do this, day after day, without forgetting our other works. We have to remain their mother as well.

Imperfect is great too

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In a conversation with Shefali Shah, Twinkle Khanna talked about being an imperfect mother. Some balloons of Nitara’s birthday were still hanging on the wall, on which Twinkle said that if she was a perfect mother, she would have gathered these balloons by now by holding them with a stick. But, you cannot be perfect all the time because something or the other will always be missing no matter how much you do. So enjoy being a parent as much as you can and live every moment.

children stay calm reading books

In one of her funny and random posts, Twinkle writes that daughter Nitara, who talks all the time, has so many questions that even Twinkle herself does not have the answers to. That’s why she manages to keep her daughter’s mouth shut only by letting Nitara read the book. This is also a good way to introduce children to books.

It is important to pay attention to the mind of children

Twinkle Khanna says that the more attention we pay to our children’s homework, the more we need to pay attention to what is going on in their minds. She pays attention to the words of daughter Nitara and tries to understand her by talking to her every day. According to Twinkle, if parents do this daily then it is enough.

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