Taliban punishment in Indonesia: 100 whips for a married woman openly having sex with a non-man, the guilty man only got 15 whips

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A married woman in Indonesia faced Taliban punishment for having sex with a non-man. The man was also married. On confessing the crime, the woman was publicly beaten up with 100 lashes. The man got only 15 whips. The woman was to be beaten continuously for 100 times, but she could not bear the pain, so this cruelty was stopped for some time. Videos and photos of the incident have also surfaced.

what is the matter
The incident is from the Ai state of Indonesia. Here the fundamentalists dominate and they have their own government. Ivan Nazar Alawi, Investigating Officer of the Police Department here, said – Our court has sentenced a married woman and a non-man on charges of illicit relations. The man was already married. After investigating their relationship, many women accepted the crime. However, the man denied the allegations.

The court sentenced the woman to 100 whipping in public. The man was ordered to be beaten for 15 for the same crime. This man is very influential in the area.

Sharia punishment
Indonesia is a Muslim country. In the province of Aich, especially severe punishments are imposed. The officer said- During the trial, the man denied all the allegations. It was difficult for the judges to convict him. Gambling, drinking and homosexuality are severely punished in Aich because of Sharia law. The man was found guilty of having an inclination towards a woman other than his wife. In 2018, the man and the woman were caught in an objectionable condition by some local people. The case was going on since then. The first man was sentenced to 30 lashes. Later the Supreme Court converted it into 15 whipping.

people made videos
On Thursday itself, another man was beaten up 100 times for having sex with a minor. He will also have to spend 75 months in jail. However, on Thursday, when the men and women were sentenced to be whipped, hundreds of people were present there. He took photographs of the incident and also made videos. Later they went viral.


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