Doha, ANI. The protection of women’s rights in Afghanistan has been a global concern since the Taliban took over. Meanwhile, the Taliban, referring to issues like women’s rights, said that the world should not demand by pressurizing them, but they should ask for cooperation. The Taliban-appointed Acting Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaki made the remarks at an event organized by the Center for Conflict and Humanitarian Studies at the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies, Tolo News reported. During this, he said about the former Afghan government that the world supported him but that government was unable to bring reforms in 20 years.

Muttaki said, ‘You should not demand by pressurizing us, you should ask us through cooperation.’ He said the previous government had strong international support, but was unable to bring about reforms in 20 years. “Now you are demanding all reforms in two months,” he said. During the event, Muttaki also said that “any problem between the two countries can be resolved by full implementation of the Doha Agreement signed between the US and Afghanistan.”

He said that when the Taliban occupied Kabul, schools were already closed due to COVID-19, but now they are reopening schools across the country. Tolo News quoted Muttaki as saying, ‘Due to Kovid, schools for boys and girls were closed in all the provinces including Kabul at that time. We have started reopening schools. The Taliban is trying to give the world a liberal image in an effort to gain international trust, but experts say the Kabul airport scenes were proof that the terrorist group is back with the same radical and violent mindset .

According to the Director of International Security of the Asia-Pacific Foundation, ‘Women’s lives (1996–2001) were deeply oppressed and severely repressed by the Taliban. According to Four Nine, a women’s magazine, you are looking at an era where every aspect of a woman’s life was controlled. The Taliban has proposed a ban on co-education. His officials in Herat province ordered last week that girls would no longer be allowed to sit in classes with boys in universities, Khama Press reported.

Edited By: Neel Rajput