Kabul (ANI). The Taliban have occupied Afghanistan and formed their government, but now they are struggling to give stability here for a long time. This is to say that researcher Adam Bacjo of the French National Center for Scientific Research. He has written in the policy research group Strategic Insight that the Taliban is walking on a very fine line. On one side there is morality and on the other side there is what he wants to do. In this sense, he is not even able to decide which way he should go to give stability to his government. He is completely confused about this.

The Taliban does not have an understanding of the bureaucracy and the knowledge of rules and regulations, including human rights. Let us tell you that the Taliban have banned Afghan women from going out alone on the streets. Many such reports have been shown on the media. Many other restrictions have been imposed on Afghan women, including doing TV dramas on Afghan women. Not only this, the Taliban government has also imposed similar restrictions on women journalists and presenters. Under the Taliban regime, women are required to cover their heads to appear on screens.

Everything has been reported about Afghanistan for the last few months. It has even been said in these that the Taliban are not in the slightest fear of what they have to do. Since its inception in 1990, it does what it thinks or wants to do. Adam believes that the Taliban will definitely return to their former position. Four months have passed since the occupation of Afghanistan and the Taliban is constantly showing the world that it is not one to back down from its thinking.

An example of this has also been seen recently. Recently, the Taliban removed the Hazara leader’s statue with the Quran from Bamiyan. Let us tell you that Bamiyan is the same place where the Taliban destroyed an idol of Lord Buddha through tanks during their previous rule. This was the world’s largest standing Buddha statue, which was made by cutting a mountain. This statue was of Abdul Ali Mazari, who was murdered by the Taliban. Mazari was a Shia leader. After the Taliban re-occupied Afghanistan, this statue did the same fate as the statue of Lord Buddha.

Edited By: Kamal Verma