Tata Group will buy stake in Bisleri: Packaged water market is worth 20 thousand crores, Bisleri market leader with 32% stake

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It is a matter of few years after India’s independence. Cesare Rossi was a doctor at that time. A business idea came to his mind. Thought that the water business could be very successful in the coming days in India. At that time the availability of water was very easy, but it was difficult to get clean and mineral water. In such a situation, in 1965, Dr. Rossi, along with a lawyer named Khushru Suntook, launched Bisleri in India.

Established the first ‘Bisleri Water Plant’ in Thane, Mumbai. Rossi’s idea was widely laughed at. This is because selling water in India during that time was nothing short of madness. Rossi and Santouk began producing bottled water regardless. During that time the quality of drinking water in the financial capital of India was very poor. In such a situation, this water was no less than a nectar for the rich family and foreign tourists.

Khusru Suntuk played a big role in bringing Bisleri to India.  At that time the idea of ​​selling mineral water in India was ridiculed a lot.

The company entered the Indian market with mineral water and soda. In the early days, both the products were limited to the reach of the wealthy and were available only in five star hotels and expensive restaurants. Rossi and Santouk also knew that they would not be able to achieve success by limiting their products, so they decided to sell the company.

Bisleri was launched in Mumbai 18 years after India's independence.  In the early days both the products were limited to the reach of rich people only.

The news of the sale of Bisleri Company spread like wildfire in the Indian business world and reached the ‘Chouhan Brothers’, the masterminds of ‘Parle Company’. In 1969, exactly 4 years after the Bisleri water plant was commissioned, Ramesh Chauhan bought Bisleri for just Rs 4 lakh.

Parle Group was founded in 1949 by Jayanti Lal Chauhan.  His son's name is Ramesh Chauhan who bought Bisleri in 1969.

You must be wondering why we are telling this story today. In fact, the Tata Group may buy a stake in Bisleri International, India’s largest packaged water company. The Economic Times has published a report regarding this quoting three officials related to the matter.

This acquisition will give Tata a foothold in the entry-level, mid-segment and premium packaged water categories. It will also give Tata a ready-to-market network of retail stores, chemist channels and institutional channels. Bisleri also has a network of bulk water delivery. It supplies water to hotels, restaurants and airports.

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