New Delhi, Auto Desk. Tata Motors all set to launch the TATA Nexon EV tomorrow, the company is now updating the Tata Nexon to launch a new car called the Tata Nexon Max, which boasts of a larger range with a bigger battery. Let us know what is special in this

The company claims that this vehicle will get more range than the previous edition. The company has been testing the new electric SUV for some time now. The new long range Nexon EV will offer more range than the current standard model. The Nexon EV is currently the best selling battery powered passenger car in India. The current model is already ruling the EV segment. At the same time, the company is planning to increase its segment share further with the long range model.

The company shared the teaser

As seen in the teaser, the Tata Nexon EV Max is seen traveling from city to city, covering 150 kms on a single charge and then returning to the same place. This means that the new car is capable of delivering a real word range of 300 km.

Previous teasers of the upcoming Tata Nexon EV Max have revealed that the model will get a new set of alloy wheels and disc brakes for all the four wheels. Also, an illuminated gear dial on the center console as well as an electric parking brake with auto-hold function will be offered.


Talking about the features, apart from the bigger battery pack, a lot more has changed in this upcoming electric car. The upcoming Tata new car may offer an adjustable re-gen feature, which will be a step up from the current model with mild and non-adjustable regenerative braking. The company will also update the EV in the current model with a host of features like Electronic Stability Program (ESP), cruise control and park mode. All this will make the Nexon EV a more feature-packed and reliable offering in terms of full charge range. At the same time, if we talk about its price, then the new model will be kept expensive than the current model.

Edited By: Atul Yadav