Kaushambi. Teachers are continuously protesting against the old pension and other demands. Teachers have once again planned a protest in Lucknow on 30 November. For its preparations at the district level, the teachers made a plan by meeting on Tuesday.

Primary Teachers Association District President Anil Kumar Singh said that the teachers are fighting for the honor of themselves as well as other employees. Get the benefits of old pension scheme. For this we are all protesting. State-led picketing is to be held on November 30 at Eco Garden Lucknow. All the blocks have to be represented in this. Told that the colleagues who want to participate in the demonstration. Give that information in advance. Buses will leave from the district at 6 am on November 30. One has to go towards Lucknow via Lehdri bridge. Such arrangements have been made that all the companions stay together. For this, there should be mutual coordination. On this occasion all the block presidents and district organization officials were present. Advocates demonstrated by boycotting judicial work

In Sirathu tehsil, the advocates demonstrated arbitrarily, accusing them of not disposing of pending cases. For the whole day, boycotting judicial work, he gave a memorandum to SDM Vinay Kumar Gupta.

Dozens of lawyers, led by Balendra Dhar Dwivedi, president of the Advocates’ Association, demonstrated at Sirathu Tehsil Headquarters and raised slogans against the officials. Giving a memorandum to the Deputy District Magistrate, he said that hundreds of cases are pending for years. Tehsildars are not resolving them. Even after the order of limiting the land of the farmers, no action is being taken till now. In the cases of disputed land, instructions are not being given to the employees for metering even after the order. Due to this the general public is getting upset. They have threatened to take to the streets and protest, saying that they will boycott judicial work till the problem is resolved. On this occasion, former Tehsil Advocates Association President Basant Singh, Pradeep Kumar Rastogi, Sanjay Malviya, Jaideep Pandey, Girjesh Mishra, Sitaram Sonkar, Gulab Singh, Brijesh Singh, Kamlesh Kumar, Harimohan Gupta and other advocates were present.

Edited By: Jagran