Barabanki: Smartphones and tablets were distributed among the students on the ceremonial function. The minister said that the Yogi government of the state is determined to promote education. Smartphones and tablets will definitely give a boost to technical education.

Harakh: In associate RB PG College Khushalpur, Minister of State for Food, Logistics and Civil Supplies, Satish Chandra Sharma said that rejuvenation has been done from council schools to higher educational institutions. Earlier, the students of council schools had to sit on sackcloth. The BJP government has changed this system by doing a rejuvenation. Now there are benches and desks for children to sit in council schools better than Montessori schools. He said that smartphones and tablets will continue to be useful in technical studies of higher education. Smartphones and tablets were distributed among 643 students. College Manager Engineer Arun Kumar Verma, Block Chief Harakh Ravi Rawat, BJP leader Amrish Rawat, Deputy Manager of the college Abhinav Verma, Bal Govind Singh, Dara Singh, Vinod Kumar Gautam were present in the function.

Trivediganj: Free tablets were distributed to the girl students in Baijnath Girls College, Aladadpur. Chief guest MLA Dinesh Rawat gave tablets to 71 girl students. Akhilesh Verma, Anju Verma, Bachan Rawat, Sachin, Narayan were present on this occasion.

Tikatnagar: Minister of State for Food and Logistics, Satish Chandra Sharma distributed free tablets and smartphones to the meritorious students of JBS College. After getting the smartphone, the students jumped with joy and thanked the Chief Minister. MLC Angad Singh said that almost all of the students have a smartphone, but they should use them only for their studies and gaining knowledge. It is very important to have a smartphone, tablet in the field of technology. Chairman Jagdish Prasad Gupta, SDM Sirauli Gauspur Priya Singh, Devanand Pandey, Managing Director Poonam Singh, Block Head Ratnesh Singh were present.

Edited By: Jagran