Hyderabad, ANI. A few years old Delhi Zoo accident could have happened in Telangana today, but the staff of the Zoological Park in Hyderabad, reached the last minute and saved the person who had come very close to the African lion.

Actually A 31-year-old man walked very close to an African lion at the Nehru Zoological Park in Hyderabad on Tuesday, though he was rescued in time by the zoological park staff and handed over to the police. Inquiry is on in the matter.

Such an incident has happened twice in Delhi Zoo. Once in 2014, when a 20-year-old youth was brutally killed by a tiger, the second time in 2019, the young man was saved from the lion’s enclosure. In 2019, a young man who came to visit the zoo suddenly jumped 8 feet down into the lion’s enclosure. Meanwhile, when the people present there raised an alarm, the eyes of the security guards fell on him, after which he was saved.

The shocking incident that happened in 2014

In the year 2014, one such heart-wrenching incident happened in Delhi Zoo when a 20-year-old youth jumped into an 18-feet deep enclosure of a white tiger. The youth Maqsood remained alive in the enclosure for about 15 minutes. For about 10 minutes, he sat in front of the tiger with folded hands and begged to be spared. The tiger licked it, licked it lightly four or five times and returned. Meanwhile, the crowd gathered outside the enclosure started making noise. Somebody threw a stone at the tiger. The furious tiger returned and put teeth in the neck of the young man. He killed Maqsood by hitting him on the neck twice.

Edited By: Monika Minal