Jagran Correspondent, Hisar : In the Aarohi Model Senior Secondary School built in Bhiwani Rohilla village, the girl students are still not getting the facility to stay in the hostel. The reason is that there is no food here. In such a situation, most of the girl students of remote areas are unable to come to school and their studies are getting interrupted. To meet the shortage of material, the overall education department had floated a tender for food and other items about ten days ago. This tender was placed online. When the ADC got the tender checked, many technical flaws were found in it. Because of this, the ADC has put on hold the tender.

Now the overall education department has again tendered. The girl students will not be able to get hostel facility till this entire process is completed again.


One answer since a month, tender has been started

The parents said that now there is no way left. For a month, the only answer is that the tender has been started, but till now it is incomplete. For two years, children are sitting at home, their studies are getting worse. It should be clearly told by the department whether the hostel will start or else at least you can enroll your children in other schools. The school principal also does not pick up the phone.


School principal Sheetal told that 60 to 70 children live in the hostel. About 70 thousand rupees are spent for a month. In this case it becomes difficult. Without getting the budget, it is not possible to bear this much expenditure. Hostel facility is available for the girl students of class 9th to 12th. Very few girl students of these classes stay in hostels. Most are local.

————— Once the tender was floated, but it was stopped later. Now it will be released again. Talks will be held on this in DPC office on Monday. Hostel is not started yet.

Sheetal Grover, Principal.

—————– For the first time the tender was put online. There was some technical flaw in it. We have re-tendered. Soon the girl students will get the facility.

Gyan Singh, DPC.

Edited By: Jagran