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– The problem of the book has been solved by the unique initiative of the school head – in the first and second grade all the children could not get the book

Jagran Correspondent, Banka : Children of government schools are craving books. The government scheme of book distribution is a complete failure. Even after one and a half months after the start of studies, the government could not send the book purchase amount to the children’s bank account, nor did the book purchase fair take place. Because of this, about three lakh children are reading without a book for one and a half months.

In such a situation, the book has reached in the hands of most of the children due to a unique initiative in Koriyandha Vidyalaya of Banka block. He has also started studying from these books. His studies are progressing without any hesitation. With the initiative of Principal Brajmohan Mandal and Vidyalaya Bal Sansad, the book has reached in the hands of most of the children. It was told that not all the children could get the book only in class I and II. But in the above class, 90 to 95 percent of the children have all the books available. For this, the school encouraged the children only after the annual examination.


Some bought, some exchanged

The old tradition of buying old books from old class children at half price has been in the villages. This school went ahead and encouraged the children for this. Children’s Parliament played an active role in this. Prime Minister Anshu Kumari, Deputy Prime Minister Dilkhush Kumar, Education Minister Parmanand Kumar, Muskan Kumari, Ayush Kumar, Roopa Kumari etc. told that we have exchanged half the books with the family. That is, there is a student of fifth and seventh in someone’s house. He gave this book to the children of other family and exchanged the book which he needed for himself. Some children have taken the book by paying half the price of the old one. The children of the first and second are smaller, due to which their books get torn more. Due to this there has been some shortage of books in this class.


There are delays every time in deducting the amount and purchasing the book. That’s why he suggests the children to exchange books every time the session is over. All the children are from the same village. So the exchange is easy. By adopting this model, most schools can be free from the problem of the book.

Brijmohan Mandal, Headmaster


The amount of the book is to be sent from Patna. The process has probably started. On the other hand, a fair has been started at the block and CRC level to ensure that the book reaches the children on time. When the school opens after the summer vacation, most of the children will have the book. The use of Koriyandha Vidyalaya is commendable.

Pawan Kumar, DEO

Edited By: Jagran