New Delhi, Auto Desk. Every year more than one lakh people die due to accidents in the country. There are traffic rules only to avoid this and to make the roads safe and when a person drives a vehicle in violation of the traffic rules, he creates danger to himself as well as other people on the road. However, the governments are very strict regarding the traffic rules. A large number of people are challaned for violating traffic rules, along with this, according to the rules, there is also a provision to send such people to jail in many cases. Despite this, a large number of people violate the traffic rules, due to which they have to face challan.

If the invoice is not filled for a long time

In such a situation, a situation arises that some people do not pay the challan for a long time, in such a situation generally two types of things happen. The first is that your challan is sent to the court by the police and then the court issues a summon in the condition of the challan being pending for a long time, which reaches the address of the person whose challan is deducted i.e. who is the owner of the vehicle. . Here the court also increases the fine in many cases. However, in many cases this is not the case. But, in such a situation you may have to go to court.

rc gets locked

In case of pending challan, the RC (Registration Certificate) of the vehicle gets locked. Now if you want to transfer the RC to someone else, which is usually done at the time of sale of the vehicle, you will not be able to do so until the pending challans are filled. You have to fill the pending challan first.

Edited By: Atul Yadav