The elephant ran, climbed the rock, former Uttarakhand CM: Elephant came in front of Trivendra Singh Rawat’s convoy; Chaos on the highway for 15 minutes

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Former Uttarakhand Chief Minister Trivendra Singh had to save his life from an elephant by climbing a big rock on Wednesday evening. The VIDEO of this entire incident has surfaced. The former CM was returning to Kotdwar from a tour of Garhwal at that time. A big wild elephant blocked the way for his convoy near Siddhabali temple. Rawat is 61 years old and he was the CM of Uttarakhand from 2017 to 2021.

The entire incident was shared by Darshan Singh Rawat, media advisor to the former CM. He told that the incident happened at around 5.30 pm when his convoy reached near Kotdwar. The pilot car of the convoy was stalled, as there was a giant elephant standing on the road in front.

The elephant stopped the way, then also followed
The pilot vehicles tried to get out from the side of the elephant, but stopped seeing the elephant’s attitude. In no time, other vehicles including former CM Rawat’s car also parked behind him. Everyone was waiting that the elephant would leave the side and the convoy would move forward, but it did not happen. The elephant started moving rapidly towards the convoy. On this all the vehicles started going reverse fast. On this the elephant started chasing them.

All the leaders including Rawat climbed the rock
Seeing the danger increasing, the security personnel got Rawat out of the car and took him towards a nearby mountain creek, but the elephant ran behind them. Due to this, all the people got mad and climbed on a big rock there. Following them the elephant also reached the drain. He stayed there for some time and kept chirping. Even after filling water in the trunk, the elephant tossed it once or twice. As soon as the elephant calmed down for some time, everyone including the former CM jumped there and ran down there and got out safely in the vehicles.

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