Kanpur, Jagran Correspondent. The team will visit Chandrashekhar Azad University of Agriculture and Technology (CSAV) on June 27 and 28 for evaluation by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC). The team members will take information not only from the students but also from the alumni and parents. Many alumni and parents have been invited by the university by sending letters.

csav. It is the first agricultural university which has applied for NAAC evaluation. The documents have been handed over to NAAC after completing all the formalities. Now on June 27 and 28, the team of NAAC will come to the university. During the visit, the NAAC team will take stock of the resources, classrooms, labs, fields, gardens etc. in the university and interact with the teachers and students. Not only this, for the first time, the team has called the alumni and parents of the current students to take feedback from them.

Dean of Student Welfare Dr. RP Singh informed that a session of talks of parents of students with NAAC team will be held on June 28 at Kailash Bhawan Auditorium. Similarly, a session of interaction with the alumni will also be organized. The team can take information from them about teaching and placement etc. Apart from this, talks will also be held with the members of the University Management Board. Everyone is invited for this. According to the university administration, after discussion and inspection on all the points, the team will submit its report to the council. Based on this the university will be evaluated.

Taking stock of preparations related to NAAC evaluation: Adviser of NAAC Dr. Sujata Shangbhag and Assistant Adviser Dr. Nilesh Pandey took stock of preparations related to NAAC evaluation at Harcourt Butler Technical University on Tuesday. In the meeting hall of HBTU, various Heads of Departments and Dean also gave presentations. The shortcomings revealed in this were asked by the team to remove them soon. Also gave advice on some other points. During this Vice Chancellor Prof. Samsher, Registrar Dr. Neeraj Kumar Singh, Dean Academics Dr. Anand Kumar, Controller of Examinations Dr. Pradeep Kumar, Dean Research Dr. Narendra Kohli etc.

Edited By: Abhishek Agnihotri