Shloka Mishra, Balrampur :

The Basic Education Department of the district has become synonymous with corruption. The departmental officers are making fun of the mandate for fundraising. Despite repeated warnings from Director General School Education and Additional Chief Secretary, the game of affiliation of teachers is going on openly.

Since August till now, there is no effect on the officers due to the continuous receipt of letters from the government. Under the guise of suspension, favorite teachers have been attached to nearby schools. For many years the affiliated teachers are raising the salary. A certificate of zero affiliation was also sent to the Director General from BSA level. Associated assistants in the office are also not being relieved for their original place of posting.

Whose emphasis on these: Kusum Yadav, assistant teacher of Jigna’s primary school of education area Sriduttganj, was affiliated by the then District Basic Education Officer Ramesh Yadav in Pravi Bahadurpur I of Sadar. Since 26 December 2017, she is continuously doing teaching work in this school. Since then the two BSAs changed but, they were not sent to the parent school. Despite this, in the report sought from the government, it was cited that no teacher is affiliated elsewhere in the district.

AD Basic did not get the answer: Shahid Noor Ansari, the headmaster of the High Priv. Gugaulikhurd of Haraiya Satgharwa area, was attached to the High Priv. Imilia of Sadar. Ahdshamuddin, the headmaster of the Composite School Kamda, was given affiliation with the Higher Privy of Sadar, Rampur Kolwa. Mohammad Azim Ansari, the headmaster of High School Bichhupurwa, was posted in the composite school, Amarhwa, Sadar. Mohammad Tawfiq, the headmaster of the Composite School of Gainsadi, Koilkhar, is doing teaching work at Tedhwa Nawabad, the high school of Gainsabuzurg.

Mohammad Azam, the headmaster from Haraiya Satgharwa area, was posted in Sriduttganj. On September 22, Assistant Director Basic Education Vinay Mohan Van had asked the reason for affiliating these teachers. Even after two months they have not got the reply.

Schools were affiliated to run: BSA Dr. Ramchandra says that teachers were affiliated to run single teacher and teacherless schools. Most of the teachers have reached their native school.

Edited By: Jagran