Jagran Bureau, New Delhi. Now the day is not far when Indian languages ​​will be seen in the field from school to higher education and research. All the study material needed by the students and researchers will be available in Indian languages ​​only. At present, efforts in this direction have intensified. The Ministry of Education has also constituted a four-member committee for its development, which will be headed by Padma Shri Chamu Krishna Shastri. The committee will give suggestions to the government on all aspects related to the development of Indian languages. Along with this, a complete roadmap will also be prepared to implement it within the stipulated time frame.

The Ministry of Education has taken this initiative after important recommendations regarding the development of Indian languages ​​in the new National Education Policy (NEP)-2020. In this, emphasis has been laid on taking forward all Indian languages, including teaching students in local languages ​​in schools. These include those languages ​​which have become extinct or are on the verge of extinction. According to a report, about 220 languages ​​have become extinct in the country in the last 50 years due to lack of proper care and attention. UNESCO has also declared about 197 Indian languages ​​as endangered. In such a situation, the emphasis of the government is on preserving the remaining Indian languages ​​and reviving the extinct languages. This is also an important topic in the goals given to the committee.

Apart from Padma Shri Chamu Krishna Shastri, three other members have been included in this high-level committee constituted by the Ministry of Education, Joint Secretary (Language) of the Ministry of Education, Director of Central Institute of Indian Languages, Mysuru and Lal Bahadur Shastri National Sanskrit The Vice Chancellor of the University New Delhi will attend. The ministry has also given this authority to the committee, it will also be able to constitute sub-committees regarding this. Also, if needed, she can take the help of any educational institution for research and other work.

The committee will give suggestions on these major topics

To study and suggest the institutional framework for conducting school and higher education in Indian languages ​​and to improve learning.

Ensuring the best use of language teaching facilities in educational institutions.

– Languages ​​of all categories with scheduled languages; To ensure the use of endangered, non-scheduled, tribal, classical languages ​​etc.

– To recommend to promote teaching-learning facilities in Indian languages, language teachers, research, language dictionaries, translations etc.

To recommend technical equipment and laboratories in different languages ​​to help the students and scholars.

To recommend ways to improve employment opportunities through languages.

To outline and ensure implementation of suggested measures for the development of Indian languages ​​in view of NEP-2020.

– Allowing language institutions to grow and make them multidisciplinary.

Edited By: Dhyanendra Singh Chauhan