The hand of my loved ones in my destruction, who did Azam Khan attack in gestures after his release

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Azam Khan was released from Sitapur Jail on Friday morning after getting interim bail from the Supreme Court. All the supporters including Khan’s son and MLA Abdullah Azam, Shivpal Singh Yadav welcomed Azam Khan.


Former Uttar Pradesh minister and SP leader Azam Khan released from Sitapur Jail on Friday was released after nearly two years in jail. But even before Azam’s coming out of jail, speculation about his political move is in full swing, Azam has also given some indication of this. After about 27 months, SP leader Azam Khan, who reached Rampur after being released from Sitapur Jail, said in a blunt tone that his loved ones had a big hand in his destruction. Azam said in Rampur, I have my own hand in my destruction, my loved ones have a big contribution. Pray to the owner that he should come to good senses.” Azam Khan was released from Sitapur jail on Friday morning after getting interim bail from the Supreme Court. All the supporters including Khan’s son and MLA Abdullah Azam, Pragatisheel Samajwadi Party (Lohia) leader Shivpal Singh Yadav welcomed Azam Khan. However, former Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav did not reach.

When Azam Khan was asked a question about Akhilesh Yadav not supporting him in this struggle and the displeasure of Muslims, he said, I have my own hand in my destructions. Khan asked in a questioning tone, who are the people who got me sued, first of all eight cases were against me and those people said that Azam Khan forcibly snatched the land from me. The eight people who sued me in the civil court were paid by cheque. Azam said, the land which was not of two thousand rupees bigha, at that time he gave 40 thousand rupees for one bigha. All the people lost the cases and people performed Hajj with the money taken from us, had two bighas of land, then bought eight bighas of land.

On the question raised about the role of SP in the 27-month struggle, Azam said, “If I do not believe in Khatwar, then why should I forgive. Thank you to those who did for me, thank you to those who did not. Who can know better than you who did what.

Azam Khan met Praspa chief Shivpal Singh Yadav and Congress leader Acharya Pramod Krishnam in jail recently but did not meet the delegation led by senior SP MLA Ravidas Mehrotra. Very emotional Azam Khan said, I did not die when he had corona and he survived alone in the hospital. All the dead bodies went in front of me, the ward used to be empty in front of me and then it was filled, I did not die then, my loved ones tried a lot, I came out alive again. I think the education campaign that I started will be remembered for centuries.

Azam Khan, a member of the 10th time in the UP Vidhansabha, said that ‘I tried to prove one thing all my life that my loyalty is not doubtful, I am not a seller of conscience, neither I am a country seller nor I am a community seller. Am. I had proved this even during the Emergency. Earlier, when Akhilesh Yadav’s party leader Ravidas Mehrotra had come to meet him in jail, Azam did not meet him, while he did meet Shivpal Singh.
Azam Khan reached Rampur amidst a long convoy and welcome with flower garlands. Azam Khan started his talk by doing ‘Supreme Court ki Jai’.

Azam said ‘Thank you Kapil Sibal sahib. Thank you is a very small word, I do not have words to thank for his behavior towards me. Azam said, the power given to him by the above, he used it very honestly and as long as such judges are left in India…Supreme Court Zindabad.’ Azam questioned, why does not the government or the party of the government (BJP) hate him so much, till date he could not understand it. He will try to find out. He said, BJP, BSP or Congress is not a big question for him at this time because thousands of cases are registered against his family.


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