Jagran Correspondent, Bhagalpur. The absurdity of the mobile tower is now overshadowing the headmasters. When mobile tower is lost, the headmasters have to answer the explanation. Yes, IBHRS system has been arranged by the department for monitoring the Pradhan Mantri Poshan Yojana operated in the elementary schools of the district. Due to lack of mobile network in schools located in remote areas, the IVRS system has become a problem for the headmasters.

The necessary information related to the nutrition scheme in the school, such as the number of students benefited from the nutrition scheme in the school, availability of rice and amount, etc., is obtained by the department from the headmasters every day by calling on their mobile numbers by the IBRs. In this regard, a large number of headmasters of the district have been asked for clarification due to the allegation that the department did not pick up the calls, did not answer, etc.

On this, the headmaster wakes up early in the morning and worships the mobile first. It’s called protecting the network. If there is no network then the report will not be able to be sent and an explanation will have to be given. Gopesh Chandra Das, the headmaster in-charge of Chanchak, the middle school of Jagdishpur block, told that BSNL network is not available in his school. When I reach Puraini from Chanchak, then the network comes in my mobile.

We are facing problem due to weakness of mobile network. Elementary Secondary Teachers Association President Shekhar Gupta said that the nutrition scheme has become a problem for the headmasters. Many headmasters are compelled to roam around glued to the phone, while a large number of headmasters are forced to make rounds of banks and computer centres. Even the headmasters do not get the support of the midday meal block resource person.

Edited By: Dilip Kumar Shukla