London, New York Times. The report of the UK Parliamentary Inquiry Committees, blaming the government for thousands of deaths due to Kovid-19, said that these could have been avoided. The report released on Tuesday described the steps taken to control it in the early stages of the Kovid epidemic as an unprecedented failure of Britain’s public health system. The government regretted the loss caused to the country and defended its action, saying, ‘We did as the scientists suggested.’ In this 151-page report, two committees of MPs have strongly criticized the government for failing to implement comprehensive investigation, lockdown and other restrictions expeditiously.

Parliamentary committees held the British government responsible for these deaths

The committee has termed the policy to acquire herd immunity through the spread of infection as wrong. According to the report, ‘It is now clear that this was the wrong policy, which initially led to more deaths. If effective policy had been made in the beginning, these could have been avoided. Although the findings of the investigation had already been made public, it has emerged as the first official investigation report of Britain’s pandemic action.

The ruling Conservative Party MP has led the investigation.

The investigation, which began months after the first case of Kovid in Britain in January 2020, has been led by a Conservative Party MP from Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who detailed the failures of his own government in the report. Talking about affluent nations, Britain had to face the deadliest corona explosion, which killed thousands of people. The official death toll due to Corona in Britain is 1,62,000. Britain, like other democracies in the West, struggled to strike a balance between private freedoms and strict restrictions such as lockdowns during the pandemic. Due to this, the government also faced chaos at the top level.

Bitrain became one of the countries leading the way in Kovid vaccination

However, the UK has left behind these mistakes and became one of the countries in the lead in COVID vaccination during the last winter and spring. Cabinet minister Steve Barkley told BBC radio: ‘No one can still do what we did during the challenges.’ Devi Sridhar, head of the global public health program at the University of Edinburgh, said, ‘This report highlights the failures of the British government in controlling Kovid. These include delay in comprehensive measures, lack of testing for weeks, lack of personal protective equipment (PPE) for frontline workers and delay in lockdown etc. Referring to PPE, he said, “Hopefully the government will take some lessons from it.”

US to open borders for fully vaccinated people next month

According to the AP, after 19 months due to the Kovid epidemic, the US is going to reopen its country’s borders to the general public from November. However, travelers from other countries entering the US border by train, road and water must be fully vaccinated. The new rules were announced on Wednesday.

Edited By: Arun Kumar Singh